DESTRUCTION Reveal Teaser Of New Album “Under Attack”

DESTRUCTION Reveal Teaser Of New Album “Under Attack”
Four years since their last effort Spiritual Genocide, pioneers of German thrash metal DESTRUCTION are returning with a brand new album titled Under Attack, released once again through Nuclear Blast Records.

The album isn’t scheduled to be released until May, but Nuclear Blast have already unveiled a video releasing the album artwork, and teasing several riffs and choruses from the album that they have labelled a masterpiece. The album art was done by Gyuza Havancsák from Hungary, and displays rockets being shot at planet Earth, with Destruction’s signature skull as the continents.

Commenting on the artwork and general theme of the album, bassist/vocalist Schmier had this to say.

“I had the vision of the exploding Earth with the DESTRUCTION skull as continents before we even had the title. Never has the earth and every individual been so Under Attack; whether it’s environmental issues, wars or politics and media madness, we just destroy everything that we love! The cover brings together the classical concepts of the band’s history and fits in well with the discography, but unfortunately it also represents the current state of the world today!”
While it’s hard to judge an album based on a 1 minute teaser video, the new Destruction sounds exactly like what a fan would expect from them; pissed off, hard hitting and evil. And for a band that’s been around for 30 years, they sound like they’ve still got it.

Under Attack will be released on May 13 through Nuclear Blast Records, and you can check out the teaser below.

DESTRUCTION Reveal Teaser Of New Album “Under Attack”
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