DESCENDENTS To Release New Album Through Epitaph Records

DESCENDENTS To Release New Album Through Epitaph Records
Descendents, the pioneering punk band whose fan base consists mainly of elitist flogs (cheers), are set to return to seminal punk label Epitaph Records for a new album this July.

The new record, entitled Hypercaffium Spazzinate, will be the first new material from Descendents since their 2004 full-length Cool To Be You, and the first back with Epitaph since Everything Sucks released in 1996.

The band revealed the news at a secret show in their hometown of Hermosa Beach, California on 20th April, their first hometown show in almost two decades. Noisey writer (not the crazy one, don’t worry) wrote about the announcement in a recent gig review.

”The band played six new tunes (“Feel This, Victim of Me, On Paper, Testosterone, Full Circle, and Shameless Halo), all of which sounded like Descendents songs (which is to say they were catchy, short and full of energy) and announced a new album titled Hypercaffium Spazzinate slated for a July release on Epitaph Records.”
Descendents formed in 1977 and are widely considered to be integral in the formation of early pop-punk, releasing six studio albums over their career led by world’s biggest nerd Milo Ackerman.

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DESCENDENTS To Release New Album Through Epitaph Records
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