DEAFHEAVEN Premiere Another Song “Come Back”

DEAFHEAVEN Premiere Another Song “Come Back”
Polarising Black Metal act DEAFHEAVEN have solidified approaching to more traditional metal roots by releasing another song called “Come Back” off their upcoming album New Bermuda.

It seems with this song and previously released “Brought To The Water“, the San Francisco-based act have decided to reach a more black metal-focussed impression rather than the shoegaze/post-rock foundation from their globally infamous album Sunbather.

New Bermuda releases on 2nd October around the world via AntiRecords. You can pre-order on iTunes and get your physical bundles at Kings Road.

The official New Bermuda artwork

For all you North Americans who are reading this you are in luck to see DEAFHEAVEN play at a venue near you! Check out the embed below straight from their Facebook page:

"New Bermuda" Tour season begins on October 15th. DEAFHEAVEN LIVE 2015 Oct 15 San Diego, CA – The CasbahOct 16…

Posted by deafheaven on Friday, 11 September 2015

You can listen to “Come Back” from the embedded stream below:

DEAFHEAVEN Premiere Another Song “Come Back”
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