COURTNEY BARNETT To Appear On SNL Finale, Australia Issues National Apology

COURTNEY BARNETT To Appear On SNL Finale, Australia Issues National Apology

We’re so very sorry.

Not content with causing a massive downswing in Xanax and Valium sales, it appears that Courtney Barnett is set to destroy the 41 season legacy of legendary variety show Saturday Night Live, after being announced as one of two final guests for this season.

This comes after a bumper year for the modestly talented southpaw, including a meteoric rise in popularity, bafflingly well-received performance at Coachella, and her inexplicable haul of awards and accolades across the Australian music industry’s various award ceremonies.

SNL also announced that living meme Drake will be hosting the May 14th episode, which promises to be very entertaining. Despite being possibly the worst dancer ever, as well as Canadian, the ex-Degrassi High actor/singer is incredibly charismatic, with a great sense of humour, and solid acting skills to boot. This is obviously at odds with Barnett, who is the human incarnation of a blank sheet of 300gsm A4 paper.

It remains to be seen as to whether SNL will continue describing Australia’s worst ever export – which is saying something for a country that is responsible for Peter Andre – as ‘musical entertainment’, considering she is arguably neither musical, nor entertaining. We’re currently looking into whether it is possible to sue a TV show for false advertising, and if so, we will be posting a link to the class action so that you’ll cowards can wet your proverbial beaks. Cheers.

COURTNEY BARNETT To Appear On SNL Finale, Australia Issues National Apology
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