CJ McMAHON Rejoins THY ART IS MURDER, Band Insists Things Will Be Different This Time

CJ McMAHON Rejoins THY ART IS MURDER, Band Insists Things Will Be Different This Time
In a shocking turn of events no one but their best friends saw coming, CJ McMahon is yet again the vocalist for Sydney deathcore group, Thy Art Is Murder.

Apparently finding a way to live like this again, CJ boldly strode on stage with the group at 2017’s UNIFY festival clearing wearing clothes someone else had presumably stumped up for, demonstrating that everyone deserves a second chance and that dreams can come true. Twice. Initial reports from snot-nosed brats tweeting from directly in the pit suggest the show was electrifying and powerful, like make-up sex.

In this day and age, it’s a remarkable achievement that this unveiling stayed such a well-kept secret, despite the fact the signs were all there, and all anyone had to do was talk about it, just bring it out in the open. Without letting his other band members talk to the press or fans, or make eye contact with other vocalists, CJ’s return has all the inspirational hallmarks of both a sportsmanlike come-back and that awkward, whispered argument you see at shopping centres sometimes.

By all accounts the band are happy to have him back in the fold and be settled back into a routine, and no everything’s fine, really, he just gets like that sometimes but honestly I think he’s learned a lot and he’s going to try much harder to be attentive and to really listen this time. He’s working now too and that’s really good for him.

No official statement or disheartened sigh has been issued from the Thy Art camp, and at this stage there is only speculation about what the future holds. But given their recent upward trajectory, and their fans’ reluctance to accept change and growth, the future looks bright for CJ and the gang.

We will keep you updated as details roll in.

CJ McMAHON Rejoins THY ART IS MURDER, Band Insists Things Will Be Different This Time
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