CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Calls Out 4chan Losers

CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Calls Out 4chan Losers
Sexual dysfunction support group 4chan has surprised probably nobody at all with a recent display of sickening misogyny directed at CHVRCHES vocalist Lauren Mayberry.

Sadly, Mayberry is no stranger to sexism – earlier this year she publicly responded to a rape threat on her Instagram, and in 2013 she penned an op-ed with The Guardian, touching on some of the same issues and the struggles of being a female musician, even in today’s supposedly more open-minded world.


The thread, which has since been archived, features a tirade of vomitous comments from users describing themselves masturbating to their most recent clip, which is no surprise considering it’s probably the only human contact they engage in aside from attending the occasional sweaty-shirt-swap meet, exchanging items from their latest Loot Crate purchase and where they decide really how fucking obscene and disgusting they’d like to be perceived by “normies” who have far better things to do than dwell in the dirty sewer of the internet.

Just let me clarify for a second here; I’m not talking about ALL 4chan users. For the most part, 4chan is a great site, and user driven content sites such as these act as an extremely important tool of modern communication. The pitfalls of an unbound forum are that you will see the exceptionally bad along with the exceptionally good, and the key is to try understand that’s it’s not a reflection of the site as a whole, just a few bad apples.

I’ve only listed one comment below, as it pretty much sums up the sentiments of all the users in the thread. I encourage you to go and check it out for yourself so you can really experience the level of violent ignorance spouted by what I like to call the average ‘SIPPODOTI’ – an acronym for “sexless, ignorant pigs purporting outdated dogma on the internet”. I like the word, it has a real ‘Jabroni’ vibe to it, and if you say it with a broken Italian-English accent with a slight wave of the hand to emphasise your stereotype, it’s actually really fun to say. Try it.




Firstly, I like how these geniuses somehow come to the conclusion that Mayberry is dressing like a ‘slut’, which is pretty funny considering she’s genuinely not dressed provocatively at all, and also that ‘dressing like a slut’ is NOT ACTUALLY A FUCKING THING.

Hey, guys; you know when you’re going out with your mates, and you get all snappily dressed? You throw on your favourite band-shirt and NBA team’s snapback (did I get it right?) and you look in the mirror at the suave gentleman staring back at you, ready to take on the night and break some hearts? That’s called getting dressed up, and you do it because it makes you feel good. You don’t specifically dress a certain way to attract the attention of women, do you? No. At least, I hope not, you sad, sad man.

Well, you see, the funny thing is that women, also, are people. Girls like to dress up to make themselves feel good, and just because they have some sexy biological differences, DOES NOT give anyone the right to pass judgement, or make comments regarding how ‘slutty’ somebody looks. If you had a pair of boobies (best word) would you keep those bad boys covered up forever, never to see the lights of da club? Fuck no! In the same regard, you parade that shitty, meaningless sleeve on your gym-ripped arm around like a fucking dick-magnet, and you have the gall to judge a girl for wanting to wear something that might boost her confidence. You. You are what’s wrong with America. Or, just the world. Where am I?

Stream of consciousness aside, the point is clear. Girls can wear whatever the fuck they want, and guys have no right to pass judgement, or objectify women. I’m heavily convinced that this is a part of a huge, wider problem in the heavy music scene, with the recent wave of stories featuring popular bands and artists embroiled in controversy surrounding sexism and questionable sexual practices, many with underage women.

All I can say is as long as musicians like Mayberry continue to call out the bullshit from the lesser-beings of society, the less inclined misguided individuals will feel to spout their ignorant views.

Sexism in music needs to end. Fuck you, Sippodoti’s.

CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Calls Out 4chan Losers
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