ANDREW W.K Launches Political Party Entitled ‘The Party Party’

ANDREW W.K Launches Political Party Entitled ‘The Party Party’
Multi-instrumentalist, motivational speaker, entertainer, party lord and all-round madman ANDREW W.K has announced a new project in the form of his own political party, entitled ‘The Party Party’.

It’s actually unclear as to whether The Party Party is a legitimate political venture or simply a genius troll, however, judging by their party statement on their official website and accompanying video, Andrew W.K’s foray into politics seems to carry some serious weight, with a website, social media accounts and clear mission statement.

The singer has stated The Party Party is designed to be an “all-inclusive alternative to the two-party model” and has invited fans to sign a petition on the organization’s website to garner enough interest so they “can begin our formal journey into traditional politics”.

Here’s the full mission statement listed on TPP website:

”The Party Party is simple in its mission: To free the American people from the dysfunction that is our two party system. At best, bi-partisan politics has created an insurmountable divide that has separated the people into two categories of Democrat and Republican. The Party Party aims to provide an alternative to the divisive labeling of our current system. Most people have become too caught up in the bickering of our news cycles to realize that we ultimately desire the exact same things: reliable access to education, healthcare, and a sense of social equality. If enough people are willing to liberate themselves from choosing left or right, a third voice can emerge with a much more powerful message. A message that will open the eyes of our representatives and help them see that this “Us versus Them” mentality has kept our country from providing its people with a REAL sense of freedom. If we open our hearts and approach the problems we face with an open mind, real change can be achieved. We hope you will join us on this journey.”
The new project isn’t the first time Andrew W.K has dabbled with U.S politics – back in 2012 the U.S State Department employed the singer to travel to Bahrain as a cultural ambassador, however was cancelled shortly before departing, possibly upon the realisation from the state department that sending a party-crazed madman to represent U.S culture is probably not the best idea.

Regardless of whether Andrew W.K is taking us all on a ride or if The Party Party is legit, we eagerly await further updates to see where this will go.

You can check out the video below.

ANDREW W.K Launches Political Party Entitled ‘The Party Party’
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