Thrash Holly’s Beef Zone #4: 12 Wrestling Moves to Try in a Moshpit

Thrash Holly’s Beef Zone #4: 12 Wrestling Moves to Try in a Moshpit
12140850_196910450640789_1502661420013434304_n (1)Hello, readers, and welcome to the Beef Zone, with IPHYB’s resident thrasher and Hardcore Champion, Thrash Holly!

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Anyway, back to business. The last edition of the Beef Zone was certainly beefy, as I got to interview and roast Sabian Lynch from Tasmanian beatdown band, Beta Wolf. My opinion still hasn’t changed on them, and if you didn’t read it, you’re missing out on something good. This time, however, there will be no guests – just the champ talking about two of life’s greatest things: moshpits and wrestling.

There’s one thing that wrestling and moshpits have in common – it’s all just good, friendly, and violent fun. One is choreographed fighting – or as I like to call it, scripted combat – and the other is … well, it’s a lot of things, it just depends on what type of music you’re going to see. But, when you put the two together, things are bound to be more fun and interesting. I also believe that the connection between wrestling and heavy music has always been strong since the mid/late ’90s, when the original ECW and the Attitude Era was about. And, when you watch the current WWE product and see huge music guys like Seth Rollins as the face of the company, or NXT connecting with the popular heavy artists of today, and not to forget the indies, you know the connection is still strong.

Maybe I should cover this in a future Beef Zone … the connection between wrestling and metal/hardcore.

While some of you hardcore kids have probably seen Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza with their ECW-inspired pits, smashing each other over the head with stuff, this list isn’t about that. The list I have below is 12 wrestling moves which any normie or mark could try when they enter the pit, along with a video that you can watch over and over again, in order to figure out how it’s done. Some of these are quick hits, some are aerial/top rope moves (which will be done as stagedives), and some are tag team moves. Some of them are also easy to hit, and some of them are only easy to do in small venues without a barricade at the front of the stage. But all in all, it is a lot of fun.

Let’s see how many of these moves you’ve tried then, yeah?

RKO (Easy)

Known to normies as “that internet meme”, Randy Orton’s RKO is the ultimate quick hit finisher. And it’s best done when it’s not planned, for the “out of nowhere” reaction.
Advanced version: Catching RKO
Why catch a stagediver for a crowdsurf, when you can just hit them with an RKO out of nowhere?!

Stone Cold Stunner (Easy)

Just like the RKO, the Stunner is one of the greatest and most recognised quick hits in wrestling. Anyone can be hit with it, no matter the size difference. Just make sure that the person on the receiving end sells that Stunner like a boss.
Bonus style points:
– Flipping the bird before hitting the Stunner
– Stunning your opponent off the stage
– Spitting beer in the air when you get hit with the Stunner

Spear (Easy)

Call it a spear, or call it a GORE! Charge at your target and tackle them to the floor. But may I remind you that a move like this is not to encourage crowdkilling, and all moshing should be good friendly violent fun with your mates.

Five Star Frog Splash (Easy)

Most people will be able to pull off this finisher when diving into the crowd, but how many of you can do it Five Star like The Whole F’n Show, Rob. Van. Dam?!

Leg Drop (Challenging)

As a stagedive, this is only challenging when the stage isn’t very high. You’ll have to gain some serious air to land it properly. If you don’t want to stagedive though, you can always big boot someone in the pit and hit them with an Atomic Legdrop.

Crossbody (Challenging)

If there’s some space close to the stage and you can get some air, you can always splash onto a standing opponent when you stagedive. Just make sure they don’t catch you and counter it into a powerslam.

Suplex (Challenging)

There are many different variations of the suplex that you can do, some harder than others. If you’re a normie, refer to the vertical suplex shown in the video below. If you’re a mark, then by all means take your pit rival to Suplex City … BITCH!
Advanced version: Superplex
Suplex your opponent off the stage into a crowdsurf. If you want to up that even more though, try a double superplex.

Dudley Death Drop (Challenging)

Kind of like a catching RKO for you normies. The 3D is the move that has won The Dudley Boyz 25 Tag Team Championships across multiple wrestling promotions. Yelling “3D!” before it will add style points, but there’s only one way to truly perfect this devastating finisher …
Advanced version: D-VON… GET THE TABLES!

Chokeslam (Challenging)

Sure, the chokeslam sounds easy. But you have to be big and strong enough to hold your opponent up for a bit before throwing them to the floor. If you do it off the stage, awesome. If you do it with one hand, even better. If you’re a lightweight … the only cruiserweight to ever have the chokeslam as his finisher was The Hurricane. You’re not The Hurricane, or any kind of superhero, so good luck.

Cesaro Swing (Advanced)

You’ll need a bit of space and a lot of balance and strength to pull this one off. Cesaro is the most consistent wrestler in WWE today, and the pound-for-pound strongest in the locker room. I doubt any of you pit lords will be able to do 10 or more spins of this. But if anyone does, I want to see footage of it.

Doomsday Device (Advanced)

Made famous by the legendary Legion of Doom, the moshpit version of this move requires you to jump off the stage and clothesline someone off your tag team partners shoulder. Unless one of you can make a huge leap off the foldbacks over the first few rows, don’t even bother, unless you want to end up on Botchamania.

New Jack Balcony Dive (Advanced)

Okay, technically this isn’t a wrestling move. And maybe New Jack isn’t a wrestler (according to critics and Rob Van Dam), he’s just an ass-kicker, a criminal, and an original ‘gangsta’. Nevertheless, this will still look crazy at a show in a bigger venue. Just dive off of a balcony or some ridiculously high object and hope for the best.

Bonus move: Fat Guy Moonsault (Advanced)

No, I’m not talking about Vader doing a moonsault. Here is a young, pre-Crossfit Jesus, pre-WWE Seth Rollins (known as Tyler Black at the time) doing a moonsault off of a fat fan. And while it would be awesome to see a moonsault stagedive, I’d be much more impressed by seeing one of you pit lords do this, and not completely missing your opponent.
Maybe someone could do a moonsault stagedive off of a fat singer. That would be cool.

Have I missed anything important? Let me know in the comments! Got any ideas/feedback? Email me: [email protected]

Thrash Holly’s Beef Zone #4: 12 Wrestling Moves to Try in a Moshpit
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