Metalsucks Loses The Plot Over “Racist” Kid Rock Merch

Metalsucks Loses The Plot Over “Racist” Kid Rock Merch
In case you don’t keep up with the latest KID ROCK news, the five-time Grammy Award nominee (proof there is no God) caused some drama last week when he released a line of pro-Trump merch. The new collection includes a ‘Makes America Badass Again’ cap, and three t-shirts; one of which displays a map labelling the U.S states that formed a majority vote for Hillary Clinton as ‘Dumbfuckistan’, and the pro-Trump states as ‘America’.


Kid Rock ripped the idea for the ‘Dumbfuckistan’ shirt directly from a meme (pronounced me–me) originating from Club Virgin 4chan, with a user posting a picture of the map in question although with said roles reversed. ‘Dumbfuckistan’ was the name given to the pro-Trump, majority-republican states, while the pro-Clinton, majority-democrat states were labelled ‘America’. In response, another user posted the following comment:

”This is precisely why Trump won. Because people are fucking tired of being called ‘Dumbfuckistan’ while being in a constant threat of being labelled “racist, idiot, misogynist” and so on when they try to defend themselves. You are the reason people are fucking tired of your “better than thou” shit. You are why Trump won.”

4chan trump

Anon was partly correct. Aside from the obvious fact that Hillary Clinton was a fucking warmongering, email-leaking, rapist-marrying troglodyte, the Trump win can also be attributed to the bratty and elitist faction of the left who went completely off the deep end during the election cycle. Call them whatever you want; the ‘regressive’ left, the ‘authoritarian’ left, it doesn’t really matter. They are what they are, and yes, they’re partly responsible for Trump taking the top job.

In the good old days, we would scorn only the conservatives for being so pointlessly authoritarian. Who cares if you want to smoke and drink, snort coke, or sleep with 500 ladies, men, or ladyboys? Not freedom-loving lefties, no. Traditionally, any attempt to restrict personal freedom has come from the suit-wearing, god-fearing right-wingers, and why conservative politics is antithetical to a free and enduring society.

Except now we also point and laugh at people on the left for the same authoritarian tactics. With every new ‘mattress-girl’, every third-wave feminist that attempts to ruin some tucked-in t-shirt Dad’s life who joked about his name being Hugh Mungus, when Black Lives Matter blockade runways and claim climate change is racist, and every time someone gets dragged through court for expressing a controversial opinion on social media, it becomes pretty clear there’s a faction of authoritarian left-wing politics, that, like conservatism, attempts to restrict individual freedom.

Although unlike the authoritarian conservative, who traditionally has battled your right to autonomy over your own body, the authoritarian lefty wants to enforce what you can and can’t say, how to apply yourself in a public forum, and ultimately, what you can and can’t think. Instead of suits and ties, Christian crosses and degrees in economics, these anti-freedom crusaders have the side of their heads shaved, go by the gender pronoun “Xe”, and have degrees in gender studies. This elitist faction of the left were the same ones parroting the idiotic narrative propelled by the mainstream media, labelling every Trump supporter as a stupid, racist bigot. Well, I wonder what the result of labelling the electorate as stupid for a couple of years would do? They’ll probably retaliate by protesting at the polls and electing the left’s worst enemy. If you still can’t see why Trump won, then I feel bad for you, son.

The ‘Dumbfuckistan’ post on 4chan and following meme illustrates that point well, and it’s pretty logical to assume Kid Rock lifted the idea for the t-shirt from the meme. Perhaps the aforementioned comment resonated with the hillbilly superstar, and he thought it’d be pretty funny to rustle some jimmies and make some money in the process by slapping it on some merch. A “fuck you” to the everyone who declared a Trump presidency impossible, from every single mainstream media outlet right through to smug celebrities and clueless political commentators.

However, if you happen to be Axl Rosenberg from Metalsucks, then you probably think Kid Rock is a big racist bully who thinks all people from middle-eastern countries are stupid and also that all democrats are stupid. Does seem like a bit of a stretch? Well, duh, it fucking is.

metalsucks 1

Rosenberg has his sights set on the wrong target. Firstly, Kid Rock merely appropriated the meme and slapped it on a shirt. If anyone at all can be accused of equating stupid people with countries ending in “istan”, it would be the person who originally posted the meme on 4chan, which, if you remember correctly, was posted by a pro-Clinton supporter who labelled the Trump supporting states as ‘Dumbfuckistan’.

However, let’s for a moment pretend that Kid Rock was witty enough to come up with the ‘Dumbfuckistan’ meme all on his own. For Rosenberg to then assume (without any evidence whatsoever) that Kid Rock somehow harbours racist sentiments towards people from middle eastern countries is not only disingenuous, it’s downright insulting.

Because Kid Rock didn’t accompany the release of new merch with a statement reading “Hey guys, just wanted to clarify why I chose to label the pro-Clinton states as ‘Dumbfuckistan’. It’s because I think democrats are stupid, just like people from middle-eastern countries are stupid, Therefore, I labelled the Clinton-supporting states as ‘Dumbfuckistan’ because they’re about as stupid as anyone who comes from a country ending in “istan” is. Cheers”, then we have to assume that he simply flogged a meme and printed it on some shirts. Because that’s exactly what he did.

So where did this accusation come from? Why does Axl Rosenberg believe (without a shred of evidence) that Kid Rock somehow thinks people from Middle-Eastern countries are stupid? Well, you may have to ask Rosenberg that yourself. Because there was no mention — anywhere at all — that this shirt is an indication of how Kid Rock feels towards people from middle-eastern countries. There’s only one place this wild accusation of racism can come from; Axl Rosenberg’s own, presumably block-ish, head.

The real question is, who is the racist in this scenario? Is it the bloke who stole a meme and put it on a shirt, or is the guy who sees the word ‘Dumbfuckistan’ and immediately “equates being stupid with being a Middle-Eastern, non-Christian, non-white country”? If Kid Rock had vocalised this at any point, or even given some indication that he was racist at all, then I could understand. But he didn’t, and the only person who appears to equate ‘Dumbfuckistan’ as being a racist epithet is Axl Rosenberg himself.

So, Mr Rosenberg, I have just one question for you. Where did this notion of people from middle-eastern countries being stupid come from? It certainly didn’t come from Kid Rock, unless I’m missing some inside information here. The only conceivable way you could have come to this conclusion is if you, yourself, believe it to be true.

Ladies and gentleman, the bigotry of low expectations.


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Metalsucks Loses The Plot Over “Racist” Kid Rock Merch
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