Justin Bieber Wears Blue Shirt, Fans Of The Colour Outraged

Justin Bieber Wears Blue Shirt, Fans Of The Colour Outraged
Canadian popstar Justin Bieber has once again been criticised for his recent decision to don a blue shirt, with focus being drawn upon his apparent impudence of the once great reputation of the colour.

Recently drawing controversy over his wardrobe choices, the singer’s latest decision has spurred many ardent fans of the normally neutral colour to promise violent retribution against Bieber for the appropriation of the shade, which, according to experts, is recognised as the colour of the sky, Smurfs, and The Blue Man Group, as well as generally being agreed upon as the colour of choice for most oceans.

Recently, Bieber premièred his Purpose World Tour in Seattle this week, and reportedly took the opportunity to pay homage to the city’s famed grunge roots, where he was caught sporting two flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and a t-shirt emblazoned with Kurt Cobain‘s face, earning the ire of many in the alternative music community. Additionally, the Canadian teen icon was lambasted last year over a choice to publicly sport a Metallica shirt.

Apparently this is big deal?

However, this latest development has provoked further controversy amongst many proponents of the combination of violet and green on the optical spectrum of visible light, whom are being forced to re-examine their decision to wear blue shirts themselves, consume blueberries, or even allow their children to watch Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues.

Dr Caroline Myers, Professor of Arts Studies at Oxford University and the spokesperson/secretary general of the World Association of The Colour Blue, has publicly lashed out at Bieber:

“Blue has been used for art, decoration, and as a clothing dye since ancient times. It’s the respected colour of the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli once mined in Afghanistan, which was then used in ancient Egypt to make jewellery and priceless ornaments. It was even renowned during The Renaissance period, where it was used to make the pigment ‘ultramarine’, the most expensive of all pigments. How dare this man trivialise and lampoon blue’s fantastic and rich history by exploiting such a wondrous shade for his personal wardrobe! Quite frankly, it disgusts me.”

Bieber has unfortunately not been available for comment, nor has he made any public statement in response to these accusations, as dedicated fans of the 2009 blockbuster hit Avatar promise violent retribution, along with ardent Metallica and Nirvana fans who are also considering combining forces.

Justin Bieber Wears Blue Shirt, Fans Of The Colour Outraged
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