IPHYB Top 5: Lost Treasures & Guilty Pleasures (Dave Mullins)

IPHYB Top 5: Lost Treasures & Guilty Pleasures (Dave Mullins)
For some of us, the music that we listen to when we’re younger can define the person we are when we grow up, and sometimes these albums or songs will be part of a lifelong relationship. These are some of the albums which I grew up on.

5. Dimestore Hoods – Dimestore Hoods


Location: California
Date of Release 1995
Genre: Rap Metal
For Fans Of: Bands that are not Limp Bizkit
Why They Aren’t Famous: It’s just the business

Rap metal gets a bad rap, but long before Fred Durst was cheesing up the place, bands were more interested in bringing a more aggressive and percussive vocal performance to metal and rock music. Dimestore Hoods is one that really succeeded in making great music, but never managed to get true maintstream success. While the album isn’t exactly ground-breaking, it’s still a solid performer, and never fails to get your head banging.

The band was started by thrash metal drummer, and occasional gang member, Jim Korthe. Korthe had cut his teeth drumming in Phantasm before moving onto his own project. Dimestore Hoods dropped their self-titled album in 1995, but naming disputes and other issues caused the band to fall apart. The band managed to reform, to some extent, under the name 3rd Strike who achieved some success with their one and only album Lost Angel.

Korthe passed away in his home in 2010, he was only 39.

Dave’s Rating: 8/10

4. Stuck Mojo – Rising


Location: Atlanta
Date of Release 1998
Genre: Rap Metal
For Fans Of: Punching people
Why They Aren’t Famous: They aren’t not famous…

Okay, so before you say it, no I’m not some massive rap-metal fan, it’s just that there’s some great music in the genre, and most of it came out before the genre ever really took off (in a mainstream sense). Even with that being said this was their label, Century Media’s biggest selling album for 6 years after its release, so it did pretty fucking great.

While actually prefer some of the songs off the album they released prior to this, Pigwalk, I chose this album as it’s probably a little more interesting (honestly you’d be doing yourself a favour by getting both albums into your collection). The album has some pretty interesting influences, there’s a hint of funk-metal, some Southern metal and a splash of blues. The band is pretty important for having an African-American vocalist, Bonzo, something for which he received a decent amount of hatred, but that only makes this Southern-metal band even more interesting (I.E. considering discussions of diversity in music).

Dave’s Rating: 9/10

3. Compilation – Saturday Morning Cartoon’s Greatest Hits


Location: N/A
Date of Release: 1995
Genre: Punk/Alt
For Fans Of: Punk, cartoons and fun?
Why They Aren’t Famous: It’s just weird.

Including an album of covers by a bunch of (mostly) ‘90s bands seems like a bad idea, but this album is amazing. I’d heard a few songs from this album (it’s also a video/vhs featuring a young Drew Barrymore), but I’d never found a copy until I was wandering around an op-shop and found a banged up copy for the awesome price of $1. So I finally got to hear the album in its entirety, and I fell in love. It’s a drug-induced, weird-fest – I’ve pretty sure every musician on the album is on drugs (some are renowned for their addictions) and they are covering the theme songs from a bunch of children’s cartoons. It’s just perfect. The Ramones, Butthole Surfers, Helmet, Sublime and Toadies – it’s a massive line-up.

The highlight of the album, and reason I sought out the album in the first place is Sublime’s cover of Hong Kong Phooey, which is just so much fucking fun. Vocalist Bradley Nowell is one of my favourite songwriters and guitarists and yet another musician the world lost too young.

There are few tracks on the album that drag out too much, or just don’t quite nail it, but then there’s Butthole Surfer’s cover of Underdog, which is just fucking incredible (see: drugs).

Anyway, this is just another reason why the ‘90s were the best of all the decades.

Dave’s Rating: 10/10

2. The Dragstrip Trio – I Ain’t Ready


Location: Perth, Australia
Date of Release: 2006
Genre: Rockabilly
For Fans Of: Johnny Cash, Chris Issak, Frantic Flintstones
Why They Aren’t Famous: They didn’t do so badly.

I think this is going to be my most contentious entry yet. Throwing a rockabilly band into the mix probably seems like a weird choice for some of you, but honestly this is one of Australia’s best artists.

I first heard this album when I was living in Brisbane, and it wasn’t until a few years later that I moved to Perth and found that they were actually a local band. Frontman, Rusty Pinto (who currently performs in the Rusty Pinto Combo) is one of Australia’s most incredible vocalists – his voice captivates me completely.

The songwriting is also really great, rockabilly can often find itself emulating the artists of the ‘50s and ‘60s without ever really finding its own voice, but here everything feels natural. I’d honestly hold this album up against anything the ‘greats’ have released. Speaking of, the album closes out with a ‘secret track’, a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Hank William’s ‘Long Gone Lonesome Blues’ – a tribute to Tyson Feifar of the Salt Flat Trio, who had passed away that same year.

This album may not have shaped the person I am, but it reached me in a really unique way and opened me up to a whole new world of music. I hope that it can do the same for you.

Dave’s Rating: 10/10

1. Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill


Location: Texas
Date of Release: May 3, 1996
Genre: Metal
For Fans Of: Pantera, Casual Racism, Phil Anselmo’s abs
Why They Aren’t Famous: They are…

Okay, so no one is going to argue that this is a lost treasure, but this is one of the most important albums of my youth.

It was Christmas time, I was young and pretty innocent – the heaviest music in my collection was Metallica, but I was far more of a fan of things like Nirvana and The Offspring (it was the ‘90s!). Anyway, my parents said they’d buy me a stereo for my room – a big deal at the time – and they asked what album I’d like to go with it. As you may have guessed, it was Pantera’s most recent album, at the time, The Great Southern Trendkill.

So Christmas morning rolls around and I get my present. I hook that shit up right there in the living room and throw the album on. “AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” That fucking opening track kicks in like a fucking freight train crashing into a hoard of zombies. It wasn’t just Pantera – it was the heaviest shit they’d ever released and my parents had never heard anything like it. Sure they’d heard Metallica, but comparing the fucking ‘Black’ album to TGSTK is like comparing a Hannah Montana song to hardcore porno… or you know, like a recent Miley Cyrus song

The album has since been considered a classic of theirs. From the dark brilliance of Suicide Note (part 1 and 2) to the undeniably cool 13 Steps. The album is slightly dogged by rumours that the album was recorded under duress, that vocalist Phil Anselmo was not present during the writing or recording of the music and recorded his vocals separately. Of course these rumours have been denied by all members of the band, but what would they know right? Anyway, a piece of shit gunman robbed me from ever seeing these songs played live. Rest in peace Dime.

Dave’s Rating: 10/10

IPHYB Top 5: Lost Treasures & Guilty Pleasures (Dave Mullins)
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