IPHYB Reheated Beef: A Week in Recap #1

IPHYB Reheated Beef: A Week in Recap #1
Hey there, loyal readers! Aside from the obvious highlight of us managing to piss off both I See Stars and Andy Biersack’s dad on Twitter, this week has seen some great growth for us here at IPHYB, with us continuing to see really strong growth, both in our following and our monthly readership. We currently boast a monthly readership of around 90,000 unique visits per month, and for this, we only have you guys to thank. Without our beloved readers, we wouldn’t have any reason to tell bands how shit they are in brutal detail. This week, we have decided to start a weekly recap blog, so that you guys can stay informed about what we are up to, and what you may have missed during the week.

This includes popular stories, our best and worst rated reviews of the week, any tasty beef, the funniest and most savage comments from both us and you guys and more. We will also be answering some questions every week, so if you have a question you’d like to pitch to the IPHYB team, leave it in the comments, either via Facebook or Disqus. So without further ado, here it is: Beef: Reheated.

Most Popular Stories

This week saw rapper The Game hilariously landing in Australia instead of New Zealand for his tour, 50 Cent receiving a ‘please explain’ due to an ill-conceived Instagram post, and Rob Thomas put his foot in his mouth with some on-stage banter. Add to that, the huge controversy surrounding Ke$ha and Dr. Luke, which we’ll talk about a bit further down, and we have a pretty busy week in music. We also had the opportunity to pull the piss out of Prepared Like A Bride, who teased a comeback less than a year after calling it quits, and Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, et al. for being in the headlines without really doing anything at all. Explosions In The Sky also took aim at Ted Cruz for using their song in his campaign. Oh, and Bring Me The Horizon added some shows to their Australian tour, so there’s that.

Best/Worst/Notable Reviews of the Week

The highest rated review of the week was After The Burial‘s ‘Dig Deep’, with an enjoyment rating of 9/10 from Nick, whilst Transcender were ripped a new one by Chemikarl. Diminish In Eternity were on the receiving end of a resounding ‘meh’ from Mitch, as well.

Notable Releases of the Week

This week saw Babymetal drop this banger, Being As An Ocean release a new track and sign to Equal Vision, Violent Soho drop ‘Viceroy’, and Halsey present us with a music video for her track ‘Colors’. Phew!

Comments/Savagery of the Week

Adam weighs in on 5 Finger Death Punch

Thomas drops this cracker on our *listens to In Hearts Wake once* pic

IPHYB regular, David, nails this observation about Babymetal fans

Poor Harry gets sussed HARD with this call on our Prepared Like A Bride article

Steven Lewis comment of the Week

Steve is probably our most dedicated reader, and for that he gets his own segment. Dude is a straight up legend, and never fails to brighten our day. You fucking rule, Steven!

We love you Steven!

Most Controversial Topic of the Week

This was a no brainer. This week saw Ke$ha and her producer Dr. Luke fight it out in court, over a contract dispute. Not much in the way of actual details were released to the public, but the gist of it can be found in our article. The problem seemed to be that, whilst she was seeking a release from her Sony contract, she is actually signed to a subsidiary of theirs which is run by Dr. Luke, which Sony has no legal control over. Secondary to the actual contractual dispute, is Ke$ha’s claims that she was systematically sexually, and emotionally abused by the producer over a period of ten years, which was dismissed by the judge due to a lack of evidence. Heavy stuff, no matter which side of the fence you sit on.


This week’s question is from Acky Munro. He asks:

Have you seen my red usb stick?

Hi Acky! The last time I saw your red usb stick, it was a hot summer’s day, around 12 pm. I had just made myself a piece of toast, and as I reached into the fridge to grab some cheese for my Vegemite-and-cheese-on-toast-snack, I happened to spy a glint of red out of the corner of my eye. Lo and behold, it was a USB stick. I continued about my day, not really thinking about it until you asked this question, so I would suggest you look under my fridge. Of course, this could have been my USB stick, not yours. In summary, I’m not sure where your USB stick actually is, but your mother is quite promiscuous. Cheers.

IPHYB Reheated Beef: A Week in Recap #1
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