Erised’s Top 10 Releases of 2014

Erised’s Top 10 Releases of 2014
Aight bitches, this here is my top 10 local releases of 2014. These are the EPs/albums that have dominated my ears for the majority of the year in most cases, and a couple recent additions that really slugged me a new one. Several releases missed out by a bees dick, either from me not getting a chance to give them a proper listen (Trophy Eyes – Mend, Move On) or from there being another similar band that pipped them at the post for me (The Name Of A Ghost – Words, Fights, Liars and Life). Following will be a short blurb about each release and hovering over the name will give you the direct link to their respective streaming sites as I didn’t really want to clutter this short article up with 10 embedded players. How many of these made it into your top 10 of 2k14? Let us know in the comments!

El MonstroParthenia

A perfect amalgam of Defeater/La Dispute and more “metal” riffing. An engaging storyline that is both vague and pointed underpins a melange of tasty instrumental work to compliment the plaintive vocal styling over the top. Amazing EP

4 Dead In 5 SecondsBestiary: The Book Of Beasts

Black Dahlia-esque Melodeath with an emphasis on great riffs and leads. Extremely consistent, yet diverse with arrangements similar to a classical score albeit with pounding blast beats and black metal/death metal style vocals. Metanoia is my track of the year.

Full CodeTelescapes

Dense, complex and artistic with a very unique dub bass element that gives them a sound totally their own. This Album requires your full attention and rewards you with an experience unlike any you are like to find, not just in the local scene but in music at large. Deceptively catchy, wonderfully produced.


Like listening to Fall Out Boy or Panic At The Disco without the annoying vocalist in both cases (fucking fight me, they both suck dick, literally in PATD’s case). Hooks all over the joint and rock solid musicianship with crystal clear production to boot. Outdoes many, MANY established rock bands with ease.

Life PilotHigh Noon

Abrasive, eclectic and downright batshit crazy, this EP is 20 odd minutes or so of ADHD fueled brilliance. Rawhide has one of the cleverest throwback placements you’ll hear and the rest of the EP doesn’t dip in quality. The energy must be heard to be believed.


La Dispute meets The Dillinger Escape Plan sauteed in creme de la Every Time I Die. Riffs, poetry, timing shifts and most importantly, amazing atmosphere and songwriting craft. You NEED to hear this.


It’s hard to make Metalcore that stands out these days, but bayharbour have done it by getting back to the old days of the riff. No frills here, just wonderfully written Metalcore from back in the Parkway Drive/I Killed The Prom Queen pomp days. Goes harder than your mum in the sack.

HUNGLevel 2

Some of the most astounding lead guitar work you will hear over a backdrop of futuristic djent riffery. Responsible for my favourite chorus of 2014 in “Intentions”. Very easy to get lost in and listen to end to end repeatedly.

Epiphany From The AbyssThe Emptiness Of All Things

The return of the bass as a melodic instrument rather than a droning afterthought. Technical and Melodic in the vein of The Black Dahlia Murder or The Faceless with a real star quality in every department. Will melt your fucking nutsack out of your jocks

In Your MemoryReflections

Wild card entry. Only 3 songs long, but a combination of the Lead Sails era Atreyu vibe and the dual cannons of Omar Veras’ voice and hook writing ability guaranteed that this made the final slot. One of the finest voices you will hear.

Erised out!

Erised’s Top 10 Releases of 2014
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