Song: Zac BNJM – “Cloud Runner”

Song: Zac BNJM – “Cloud Runner”

Song: “Cloud Runner”
Artist: Zac BNJM
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date of Release: 1/3/2015
Genre: Adventure Rock/ Unwarranted ego tripping
Reviewer: JSpeakEngland
For Fans Of: Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel
Why They Aren’t Famous: Ugh.

Picture, for a moment, the cheesiest 80’s dad-rock band imaginable doing an extended jam of their corniest song, topped off with an overdone guitar solo which lasts for about 3 hours. Now, just how horrible does that sound? Because that’s exactly how I felt about ‘Cloud Runner’ by Zac BNJM.

Let’s just start off with that backing track, shall we? The rhythm section was some of the most uninspired music I’ve ever heard in my life – completely void of energy and character. It was simply boring, and sounded like something that would’ve been done by The Choirboys when they decide to cash in their “Remember us from the 80’s? Buy our new shit” album. Yes, the lead guitar is the main part of the song, but please just break it up a little before you commit to such an atrocity like that again.

“But what about the lead guitar, English man?” you ask me. Well, I’ve never heard a more annoying guitar tone in my life, but let’s look past that. That melody, it was so bland, so monotonous. Just nope. While it would’ve made a fine guitar solo for a verse, it just simply wasn’t up to scratch to be lead throughout a whole song, lacking breathtaking guitar or a hook. It was so average, which was incredibly disappointing.

Guitars: 3/10
Bass: 3/10
Drums: Kick Snare/10
Production: 6/10
Songwriting: 1/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 3/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 2/10

Song: Zac BNJM – “Cloud Runner”
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