Song Review: Void Of Vision – “Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt)”

Song Review: Void Of Vision – “Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt)”

Song: Persist // Perceive
Band/Artist: Void Of Vision
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Date of Release: 27 Dec 2014
Genre: Metalcore
Reviewer: VoiceBox
For Fans Of: While She Sleeps, and bands that enjoy using abstract punctuation in their song names.
Why They Aren’t Famous: They need to learn to write their own music

Oh dear.

Why on earth to bands insist on having punctuation in their titles? There are enough bands using odd symbols in their names (Woe, Is Me. Oh! The Invisible. STRUC/TURES.), but now there seems to be this rising trend of using punctuation to seem “different”.

So, we have a band here who’s guitarists can play basic power chords and bend a string (and another that can tap! wooaaahhh!), a drummer that can play Beartooth’s drum parts, and a vocalist that that make one sound. There’s a bassist in there too I think. Song kicks in with the most original opening verse I’ve ever heard. Two clicks and a repeated dissonant chord followed up by a vocalist barking some incoherent stuff. Cool. So far so boring. This is the sort of band who’s vocalist I would typically expect to jump off the stage and march in front of the stage, occasionally turning round to put his foot up, with no regard for the people watching.

It takes a whole minute and 20 seconds to get to anything that i would call a riff, and by this point we are halfway through the song. The “lead” guitar has far too much reverb on it (probably in an attempt to sound more atmospheric, because that’s proggy now), and the bassist does nothing of interest… which is fine. He’s a genericore bassist… i.e. demoted guitarist. In fact the only member of this band that does anything remotely interesting is the drummer, and even then it’s just a couple of fills here and there.

I think the biggest problem with this song is that it has no element of “catchiness” to it, something that a band who is going to brand themselves metalcore desperately needs if they want to stay relevant. Screaming “I’m not drowning, I’m just sinking” lots of times doesn’t make it catchy… nor does it help it makes sense. The vocals are probably the most irritating thing about this track though. They are a constant droan of cheese grater words. He sounds too much like he is having a tantrum when his favourite choo-choo train toy has just been taken away for being too arsey with his parents.

How can these guys improve? Write a damn song, not 3-and-a-bit-minutes of roughly cobbled together noises that every other “look at us, we used punctuation, aren’t we the coolest thing you’ve ever heard” -core band has done before. Having said all of that though, people eat this shit up for some reason… so who am I to judge. While She Sleeps is already a band though, and I don’t even like them very much.

Vocals – Bleh/10
Instrumental –
Guitars: 4.5/10
Bass: Root Note/10
Drums: 7/10
Production: 7.5/10
Lyrics: 6/10
Songwriting: 4/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 4/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: Nope/10

Song Review: Void Of Vision – “Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt)”
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