Song Review: The Finest Hour – “Matchlight”

Song Review: The Finest Hour – “Matchlight”

Song Review: “Matchlight”
Band: The Finest Hour
Location: Cleethorpes/Grimsby
Date of Release: February 2014
Genre: Indie Folk Punk
Reviewer: HaytonLloyd23

Fuck, this shit is catchy. Seriously guys, this is the type of song that you sing extremely loud and off key when you and your friends get a little get a little too tipsy and stagger home from the bar. Just go listen to it. Now.

Dammit, ok I’ll go a little more in depth I suppose. The Finest Hour are a four-piece that get their jolly’s by writing extremely catchy folk punk tunes, and just happen to be damn good at what they do. From the ridiculously upbeat tempo set by the frenetic drums, to the rhythmic bass-lines produced by bassist Craig Cox, while guitarist Sam Simmons creates these catchy as all hell melodies; everything compliments vocalist Rob Bywater as he desperately tells himself and the listener that he needs “to get himself together”. Complete with properly utilized gang vocals and just a dash of teen angst, the vocals and lyrics deliver on all fronts.

So there you have it, I know it’s a short review, but honestly this is just one of those songs that you need to listen to for yourself, and you sure as hell don’t need me to tell you why. Seriously, now. Go.

Vocals: Awesome/10
Guitars: Catchy Punk Riffs/10
Bass: Pleasantly Audible/10
Drums: Fuck Yes/10
Production: Down and Dirty/10
Personal Enjoyment: You already know I like it/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: Listen to the damn song already/10

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