Song Review: Static Revenue – “Sound Of Sirens”

Song Review: Static Revenue – “Sound Of Sirens”

Song review: Sound of Sirens
Band: Static Revenue
Location: Melbourne.
Date of Release: April 1 2014
Genre: Punk/Hard Rock
Reviewer: Johnny Truant

Too many influences make bands sound terrible, man do us a favour and choose a genre. Beatdown/Breakdown verse fighting a punk beat. Oh wow there’s a gang chant. I really feel like I am being punished for listening to this cluster fuck of a song. One of the lyrics is ‘You said you wanted a war, can we skip to the end?’ more like ‘You said you wanted a review, can I get a good song?’ either way the answer is ‘fuck no, you’ll get a shit sandwich.’

Clean vocals are actually pretty good but screams ruin this. Drop the screaming, or leave it to the live situation. Aussie accent on some of the parts are quite cool, kind of a Smith Street Band vibe going on there. Lyrics are bland. Gang shouts are out of place.

Guitar tones are good, nice mix of telecaster style sound. Riffs are all over the place, but gotta give it to you for playing riffs. Don’t play breakdowns/beatdowns. Just cause you like ADTR doesn’t mean you have to worship them with some lame groove. Especially going back into the punk beat. That’s for 12 year olds. Bass tone is solid, nice bottom end. Doesn’t get lost in the mix so that’s a treat for me.

Drums are the main problem, tones are nice but the skipping through genres pisses me right off. Sounds are nice for the punk genre. Kick is bearable, nice and punchy. Some basic beats drive the song. Mostly switching from hi hat to crash in verse/chorus. Oh yeah then a breakdown.

Overall if you cut out a few minutes of this song you might get somewhere. Too bad I can’t tell what goes where. There are far too many different parts. A few memorable parts but as mentioned, there is too much going on to actually remember any of it. Sorry blokes get a fucking producer. Song is mixed well and probably my favourite part. Songwriting has let this one down for sure.

Vocals –
3/10 Cleans: 6/10
Guitars: 5/10
Bass: 6/10
Drums: 5/10
Production: 7/10
Lyrics: 2/10
Songwriting: 2/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 4/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: Meh

Song Review: Static Revenue – “Sound Of Sirens”
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