Song Review: Speedracer – “Shoulda Seen It Coming”

Song Review: Speedracer – “Shoulda Seen It Coming”

Song: Shoulda Seen It Coming
Band/Artist: Speedracer
Location: Brisbane
Date of Release: April 16th 2014
Genre: Rock, Grunge
Reviewer: Mean Mr Mustard Man

Is this going to be an 80s metal song? that was definitely my thoughts 8 seconds into my first listen. Thankfully it isn’t. Speedracer have a delivered a real catchy grunge rock song, it’s actually really good! Thank you Speedracer this is definitely the first song I’ve reviewed that is personally enjoyable. No it’s not the most original sound ever, I can hear Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters (among others) but at no time do I feel the band are trying to copy these guys, it feels real to me. The vocalist reminds me of SIr Josh Homme at some stages especially during the verses, his voice sounds mature, controlled and strong. The melodies are well written and catchy but I would have liked to hear back up vocals and vocal harmonies, I feel that would just add another layer to the song.

Man this band is fucking tight! and that bass player is damn groovy, thats right readers of IPHYB we actually have a band here where you can distinctly hear the bassist doing his thang and that is great! He is locked in with the drummer perfectly laying a solid foundation for guitar riffage and singing, not only that though he knows exactly when to let his fingers run around and there are some great bass runs through this especially in the chorus! The drummer also has some crazy fills through out this song all pulled off effortlessly unfortunately I think the production quality of the recording lets the drummer down because I can tell he is playing great but the kit doesn’t sound great… I can hear the bass drum fine during some of the heavier parts but at other times I think the kick and some of the toms are getting a little lost in the mix. It’s nothing major but maybe something for Speedracer to think about when they head into the studio next because I think overall the production quality of the track is just above average. The guitars through out are solid! thats how you EQ a guitar amp people, sounds thick and crunchy.

I like the chord progression in the verses its solid and the whole feel and rhythm of that section is locked down, the verses got me moving my head well before the chorus came along. The breaks in the verses with the weird guitar lead is cool, weird stuff is cool! The chorus is brought in by a big lead vocal and is a perfect lift for the song, plus its catchy. The lyrics aren’t genius but they are fun to sing along too, the chorus has been stuck in my head for a day or two. I do wonder however how a band that sounds like this goes in todays music industry which is already shitting on everybody. There is definitely a market for this but it might be hard for Speedracer to really establish a fan base, which is in no way a dig at the band which I really like but you get the feeling a band like this would have really blown up in the 90s grunge rock world, that being said I think Brisbane is the best place for music in Australia at the moment maybe these guys can jump on the Violent Soho success and pick up some fans. Regardless this is a great song, the production does let it down a little but if I ever find myself in Brisbane and Speedracer are playing I’d definitely go check it out.

Vocals – 7/10
Guitars: 8/10
Bass: what bass9/10
Drums: 8/10
Production: -6/10
Lyrics: 6/10
Songwriting: 7/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Song Review: Speedracer – “Shoulda Seen It Coming”
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