Song Review: Skinwalker – “Vile”

Song Review: Skinwalker – “Vile”

Song review: “Vile”
Band: Skinwalker
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Release: 20/01/2014
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Reviewer: Thrillhouse

Have you ever experienced one of those occasions where you listen to a song, make up your mind about it being generic and boring, and then one SOLID section of the song comes in, and simultaneously changes AND blows your mind?
That just happened to me, listening to “Vile” here.

Seriously, I got ¾ of the way through the song, and this section (I’m not quite sure whether to label it as a bridge or an outro, due to the odd placement within the song structure) came in, and made me “get” the rest of the track.
WHY DIDN’T YOU USE THIS (or at least a variation of it) AS THE CHORUS?!?!
It would have made the song SO much more enjoyable!

So anyways, time to check out the guitars.
While not technical or in any way amazing, I think these guys in the string section did a pretty good job with this track. They didn’t really do anything to take away from the overall quality of the song, so they get some points for that, and they threw in a cool little interesting tricks and techniques that held my interest.
All in all I did enjoy the guitar-work in ‘Vile’. Good selection of chord progressions, some interesting lead parts, and a decent selection of tonez.
The bass, on the other hand, commits the heinous crime of playing ‘Follow the Leader’, and has been sentenced to death by impalement upon Victor Wooten’s Fodera.

The drums are kind of average, just your standard HxC drumming.
It’s really hard for me to write a drum review these days, as every hardcore drummer does the same thing. I feel as if I’d just be repeating myself for the 1000th time if I even try to comment.
Don’t mistake this as me saying the drums are BAD. They’re not. Just average.

What time is it?
Vox time.
Now, while I actually really got into the vocals in ‘Vile’, I think the lyrics are fucking TRAGIC.
They seem forced and half-assed, and repeated certain lines unnecessarily too many times.
The subject matter chosen for these particular lyrics (not being able to deal with life etc.) kind of forces you to have to be really emotional and genuine, or they’re just gonna come off as seeming lame and emo (inb4 “hurr emo means emotional!”… You know what I mean).
If you sing a song about not wanting to be alive, you have to make me feel your pain, not leave me hoping you’re put out of your misery before you can put pen to paper again.
I know that’s harsh, but don’t take anything I say too seriously. After all vocalist dude, I did really enjoy your actual vocals. Just not your lyrics.

So all in all, after I few listens I actually really liked ‘Vile’.
While I think it could have been structured better (like by omitting that odd, jerky pulse change at 0:23), certain aspects really did save the song and make it pretty enjoyable.
Skinwalker are one of those bands where I can really see the potential, they just need to come into their own and refine their song writing abilities.
I’m looking forward to seeing how these guys go with future releases.

Vocals –
Screams: 7/10
Guitars: 7/10
Bass: 5/10
Drums: 7/10
Production: 7/10
Lyrics: 4/10
Songwriting: 6/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 6/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 7.5/10

Song Review: Skinwalker – “Vile”
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