Song Review: Seed Of Sorrow – “Who Gives A Fuck”

Song Review: Seed Of Sorrow – “Who Gives A Fuck”

Song review: Who Gives A Fuck
Band: Seed Of Sorrow
Location: Highlands, Scotland
Date of Release: May 2013
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Reviewer: Erised

Before you fuckers yell at me for the genre, it was taken from the band’s soundcloud, so yell at them, not me! This is strange. Really strange and largely uninteresting. Also, really long. At one point, I got up to get myself a drink of water and left this running. I came back to pretty much exactly what I left off of.

Strangely, I actually enjoyed the intro. It sets up a stoner sort of vibe, which is what I thought the rest of the song was going to deliver. I was quite wrong. When the intro is over and done with, the rest of the band kicks in with a squeal-fest in an unconventional timing. Yes. I like. The vocals on the other hand….

The vocals are strangely raspy, with a bit of the undertone showing up, unwelcome as a bulge in the pants of that chick you’ve been scoping all night at the bar. They aren’t the worst vocals I’ve ever heard, but they most certainly are in the lower category. They are also devoid of any variation for the entirety of the 6:40 that this song occupies. Improvement needed.

Now, I’m not sure if this was recorded in multiple sessions or if maybe the guitar was put out of tune from some of the bends earlier in the song, but what is for sure is that there is some sketchy tuning going on towards the end of the song. Not. Cool. There is also some totally atonal attempted shred bullshit used as a tag riff about halfway through the song. No. Just no. Stahp.

The drums are quite good. Solid groove, solid fills, nice cymbal work thrown in with some really nice kick-patterns. Good shit.

To be totally frank, I found myself listening to the drums to the exclusion of everything else in the song. The drums were about the only thing that didn’t seem amateurish and in need of dire improvement. The other main problem is the fact that there really isn’t much variation in the song in general, so 6:40 feels like about 20 mins. At least half of the song is complete detritus and thus totally superfluous. Cut down the deadweight, improve your technique and you have a good starting point.

Vocals: 4/10
Guitars: 4/10
Bass: 6/10 (HA! TAKE THAT)
Drums: 8/10
Production: i’m assuming it’s a homejob or similar/10
Lyrics: no clue/10
Songwriting: 4/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 4/10

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