Song Review: Promethean – “Systematic Redesign”

Song Review: Promethean – “Systematic Redesign”

Song: “Systematic Redesign”
Band: Promethean
Location: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
Date of Release: 1st April 2015
Genre: Deathcore
Reviewer: Thall
For Fans Of: Chelsea Grin, A Night In Texas, Thy Art Is Murder
Why They Aren’t Famous: If they can chop up a couple more quality releases and tour extensively hard, there could be some potential.

Systematic Redesign‘ by deathcore up-and-comers Promethean makes you wish the Gods of Mount Olympus and the underworld truly existed. When deathcore bands aren’t writing about their ex-girlfriends, vaguely talking about how shit their government is, or talking about science and astronomy, the good bands delve deep into the depths of history and culture. It’s easy to talk about the music and how much it riffed, chugged, shredded and pulsated throughout the track. There is more to it than that, however – there’s context and a theme which takes the listener on a journey into the mystifying world of Greek mythology. Like an old man telling a fable to the village children atop a hill with a lemon tree growing on it – gather round for the epic tale of ‘Systematic Redesign.

Every aspect of this song gave me a hard-on which could’ve potentially made me lose my endorsement with Viagra. Nothing was close though to the mind-boner I received from reading the third-person POV lyrics which not only discussed the history of Greek Mythology, but delved also into the creation of humankind. ‘Dwelling in the Elysian fields the heroic age will lay to rest / The heroic age will come to an end’ and ‘The gods have forsaken humanity for there will be no help against evil’ are such quality lines which effectively employ the use of imagery and symbolism. Whoever writes lyrics and plays a show in Perth in the future will get a drink from me. Nostrovia.

To continue, the ability of the vocals was powerful, versatile, and complemented the instrumentation. The mix between the highs and lows were well composed and structured perfectly. When they doubled up, it was like chopping off a hydra’s head only for two more to grow in its place, hissing and growling directly in your face, wanting only to fuck you up and see you off to your eternal stay with Hades. The rhythmical placements were quite synced-in with the instrumentation during the more chuggy-breakdown parts, and it reminded me of early Thy Art Is Murder.

With beautiful highs which pierced the insides of your ear, and crushing lows which rattled the insides of your stomach with such sheer force, there was no downfall when it came to the timbre. The only problem I had with the vocals was the pronunciation of the lows. Unfortunately, I feel like it could have been more enunciated and polished up so to give a clearer, more understandable impression, which is demonstrated superbly with the higher range.

The string section was diverse in the fact that the rhythms and melodies were consistent throughout the whole song. The guitar leads reminded me of a mix between Rings of Saturn (with less wankery) and old-school Chelsea Grin (with significantly more skill). The harmonies most definitely gave me this vibe with that jarring, cutting voicing which creates tension and suspense perfectly for when the big ol’ 0’s hit.

The chugging patterns varied between long lasting to short, sharp staccatos which were so tight that any cliche involving a virgin would do. The chromatic freedom found throughout the song, with accidentals which were also quite purposeful, gave off a good, confident, and comfortable vibe in the songwriting not being afraid to hit notes outside of key. It gave it quite a slamming feel at points but was still quite bouncy.

The riffage was very rhythmically sequential, similar to Australian deathcore acts such as A Night In Texas and I, Valiance. The bass guitar mainly just stuck to being everyone’s little bitch, which was slightly frustrating. I would have liked to listen to some individual brilliance from the thick-strings, but I guess you can’t win in everything. The bass was well synchronised with the kick pedal, anyway.

The drums were in good form, and knew when to up the intensity and also when to take it down a notch. The spasm-like blast beats which transitioned from half-time china molestation was a twisty, spontaneous convention I enjoyed. You can truly feel the grit and physical demand that come from the percussion. The snare and kick were balanced perfectly and despite the velocity being ridiculously over powered especially in blasts – it sort of works if you lie to yourself. I enjoyed the overall sound of the drums, especially when the snare was isolated in the outro-breakdown. Definitely gave me an Aversions Crown feel.

The production gave such a crisp and punchy taste that executed the atmosphere of ‘Systematic Redesign‘ perfectly. The instruments all were balanced well to give it that modern deathcore sound. The only thing I had problem was sometimes the snare velocity was so fucking unrealistic with the blast beats, my goodness. The vocals were nice and loud and the use of reverse cymbals/snares and bass drops and such were quality-contained rather than quantity-fuckstained.

Promethean absolutely nailed the Greek Mythological deathcore sound with excellent instrumental ability, diverse vocals and well-contextualised lyrics that suited the produced atmosphere. ‘Systematic Redesign‘ absolutely captivated me and with its superior deathcore influences all moulded to create an independent, unique theme that is theirs for the taking. I hope they continue on as there is endless amounts of potential. If you dig bone-crushing breakdowns, soaring leads and chaotic vocals – this is the band for you.

Vocals –
Screams: 8.5/10
Guitars: 8.5/10
Bass: 6/10
Drums: 8/10
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: 10/10
Songwriting: 10/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 8.5/10
Personal Enjoyment: 10/10 – be sure to pay as you wish for their EP ‘An Ancient Chaos’ HERE.

Song Review: Promethean – “Systematic Redesign”
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