Song Review: Polysemy “People”

Song Review: Polysemy “People”

Song: “People”
Band: Polysemy
Location: Ashland Oregon USA
Date of Release:26/09/2014
Genre: Experimental Synthpop
Reviewer: Ouroboris

Polysemy have a taste for the experimental side of synthpop. At first I thought this was experimental electronic or maybe noise. But there’s a synthpop feel to the chorus. “People” is a short staccato drum looped synthpop song that has been scattered with random vocal or TV samples.

There’s some acoustic guitar in the chorus over the female vocalist. But for the most part it’s a minimal abstract affair. Electronics are either backmasked vocals or reverb and a xylophone sounding tiny melody over the verse. The chorus:

It can be such a drag
when there’s too many people
shouting at you what they want
you to be

the chorus is sung over an eastern influenced sounding synthline along with wood instruments or sampled wood instruments as a drum loop. The rest of the song is basically ethereal background tones and vocal effects and samples.

The song doesn’t seem very memorable and although the chorus is catchy. The rest of the song is pretty ignorable. The lack of lyrics over the verses means you’re just sort of waiting for the chorus’ return. Electronic music doesn’t require vocals by any means. But when you place so much importance on the chorus and it’s structure. It might have been worth dressing up the verses too. It would come off less like experimental hold music and more like something worth acquiring.

Drum Loops: 4/10
Production: 6/10
Lyrics: 4/10
Songwriting: 3/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 4/10

Song Review: Polysemy “People”
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