Song Review: Minus Nine – “The Death of Me”

Song Review: Minus Nine – “The Death of Me”

Song review: The Death Of Me
Band: Minus Nine
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date of Release: December. 2013
Genre: Rock
Reviewer: Hollow

Now I must admit, that when I first saw the song name and album title, I was expecting some shitty metalcore band that fan girls to hard to Motionless In White, I was wrong.
Very wrong

This track is solid modern rock with a pop song writing sensibility. MGMT, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon influence can all be seen throughout the track, and you know what. this track isn’t just good.
Its very good.

The drums, which range in complexity throughout the song (which is the nature of rock I find) are pleasantly produced, conceptualised and mixed.
the kick has an audible punch that sits perfectly in the mix, which I have noticed for most bands/producers is hard to achieve. This is achieved likewise with the snare, whilst the cymbals retain a touch of harshness which I feel accentuates the rock attitude of the song. In meaning that the song has soul and dominated by its pro tools era production.

The guitar writing, like all of the song retains the pop rock song writing sensibility, maintaining a distorted yet easily accessible guitar tone, which then takes a back-seat during the solo which favours a clean tone, taking a back seat to the solo however proves rather difficult, as the mix at this point buries the solo under the backing guitar, which is a shame as the solo compliments the overall sound of the track. The guitar work is otherwise perceptive and knows its place to shine (the solo) and its place to support, like pop music the riffs are catchy and repetitive, which I don’t seem to mind in this track, hell the bass even is audible for a moment. a single blissful moment
review over 10/10 can hear bass.

Anyway, The vocals – for the most part the vocals are well sung and are competently done, my qualms is with the ‘heavy vocals’ which I use in the loosest sense of the word (think Emotion Lord’s grasp on the meaning of ‘constructive’ loose) which take obvious Kings of Leon/Dave Grohl influence, however with none of finesse that comes with heated vocals, these vocals in particular sound airy and just plain yuck

in summary
>good pop rock track
>good production/mixing master
>heard bass
>now in hiding for ripping on emotion lord

Vocals –
Cleans: 6/10
Guitars: 7/10
Bass: 5/10
Drums: 7/10
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: 6/10
Songwriting: 7.5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10

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