Song Review: Lonescar – “Awakening”

Song Review: Lonescar – “Awakening”

Song review: Awakening
Band: Lonescar
Location: Weslaco, Texas, U.S.A.
Genre: Groove Metal
Reviewer: Permabaked

Listening to this song the first time through, I only had one thought. This thought was: “Have these guys never heard of a nifty little device called “a metronome”?” Evidently not, and it’s noticeable from the first few seconds of audio. Now, I don’t like to unnecessarily rip on bands, so I’m going to be as fair and neutral as I can by bringing up both the good and the bad bits of this song. Let’s go.

Let’s start off with the best feature of this song first, which is its structure. “Awakening” has a relatively unique layout that definitely helps to keep the song interesting. This is executed through having a number of tempo changes and a nice enough range of sections, including energetic and heavy sections. Unfortunately, the transitions between these sections, particularly when there was a tempo change, feel a little too stiff, and aren’t at all as smooth as they could have been. Still though, this song doesn’t get too repetitive, and as a result, doesn’t feel too predictable or stale. I also personally believe that the song went on for a little longer than it should have. The length of almost five and a half minutes was just that little bit too long for this particular song, at least in my opinion.

Next up is the instrumentation. At best, I’d say that it’s average, but there are some cool ideas in this song, nonetheless. Firstly, the guitars don’t play relatively basic riffs throughout the song, there isn’t really anything that could be deemed as “overly complex”, not even in the solo. This being said, they do have a decent enough range of melodic and heavier riffs, which should be enough to keep most people entertained. I found the bass guitar to be pretty much inaudible. From what I could distinguish, it simply follows the guitars, which is a bit of a let down, but it is a solid effort. The drum parts aren’t amazing either. The drummer lays down the rhythms of the song for the most part, while playing a bunch of fills in between. Although none of these fills are particularly amazing, they do keep the song’s energy up, which is a definite bonus, as the whole song would have suffered without them. The vocals are the typical heavy metal vocals that we’ve come to expect over the years. There’s nothing overly unique about them, and there’s not a huge vocal range, but they are solid, and suit the song well enough. I was unable to find any lyrics for this song, so I have left them out, as I wasn’t able to make out enough of them to make fair judgement of them. The major issue I have with the instrumentation in “Awakening”, is that nothing is in time with each other as well as it should be. It’s like the band members only recorded their parts while listening to a click track, rather than listening and tuning in with their bandmates. This makes the whole song sounds messier than it should, and will definitely turn some prospective listeners away.

Finally, we have the production quality of the song. It is definitely the poorest element that this song has to offer. The main issues with it are the fact that the musicians constantly get out of time with each other, as I’ve previously mentioned, but also that there doesn’t appear to be any compression or anything along of the sort done to any of the tracks. This means that tracks will vary quite a lot in volume from time to time, and it is noticeable enough to get frustrating from time to time. In fairness, it is easy enough to make out what the instruments are playing, for the most part. Overall though, I feel confident in saying that some potential listeners will be driven away by this production quality, which is always a shame.

There are some cool ideas in this song, but the overall quality really brings “Awakening” down. To be fair, a quick perusal of Lonescar’s Facebook page shows me that they are in the process of recording some proper tracks, and this was submitted quite a while back (early May, in fact), but that doesn’t really justify this song being this poorly recorded. If you can’t deal with songs that get out of time numerous times, like yours truly, then you will not enjoy this song, even if you dig the music. Hopefully soon enough, they will have some freshly recorded tracks to rectify this one.

Vocals: 6/10
Guitars: 5.5/10
Bass: 5/10
Drums: 5.5/10
Songwriting: 7/10
Production: 2.5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 4.5/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 2/10

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Song Review: Lonescar – “Awakening”
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