Song Review: Hopetown – “Save Me From Myself”

Song Review: Hopetown – “Save Me From Myself”

Song review: Save Me From Myself
Band: Hopetown
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Date of Release: 6th March 2013
Genre: Acoustic
Reviewer: Erised

This is actually the first Acoustic song that I’ve gotten to review since starting IPHYB and for me, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag. Acoustic songs are an interesting beast in that they are typically geared towards the vocals, everything else choreographed to bring the vocalist/s’ voice to the fore. This, however, is not really of that format.

I think it might have been the way the instruments really overpower the vocals, or maybe the way the chorus hook was written, but I found this song kind of odd as far as Acoustic tunes go. I kind of felt like there was no real focal point and the entire song was meant as background music. This is very much supported by the extra instrumentation found throughout the track, which paradoxically beefs up the atmosphere yet detracts from the memorability factor.

The boys can definitely sing, good range on show, lovely falsetto and even a tasty line in vibrato. The guitars are crisply performed, with tight rhythm chops on display throughout. There’s even a rhythmic variation later in the song that reminds me of “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls. Nice.

Despite the excellent musicianship, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that this is one big build up that never actually goes anywhere. Case in point: the urgent rhythm is present during the entire song, even during the chorus which really should be the tension release. I dunno…it just kind of left me with blue balls to be perfectly honest, which my anime pillow-girlfriend will now have to take care of whether she likes it or not.

Vocals: 8/10
Guitars: 7.5/10
Added Instrumentation: 7.5/10
Production: 7/10
Lyrics: minimal but effective/10
Songwriting: 6/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10

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