Song Review: Grim Indiana – ‘Youth On Repeat’

Song Review: Grim Indiana – ‘Youth On Repeat’

Band: Grim Indiana
Song: Youth On Repeat
Genre: Melodic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore
Location: Central Coast, Australia
Date of Release: 20th November, 2015
Reviewer: Chris Giacca
For Fans Of: Trophy Eyes, Columbus, Being As An Ocean

Yes. Every time we get a submission that falls into the melodic hardcore genre, I’m always after something exactly like this, but I almost never get it. Except when I do. Like now. Whatever. Anyway, the point is that this is really good and if you care to read on, I’ll tell you why.

One of my main criticisms about melocore is that there’s very rarely much going on with the guitars, especially nothing memorable. This song takes that stereotype, crumples it up into a little ball, pisses on it, and shoves it still dripping into your mouth. That delicious single coil twang really brings out the opening guitar hook, and it ends up a really delightful reference point for the whole song. We get taken on a journey through the listless open chord voicings, and brought home by the excellent lyrics.

The lyrics are wonderfully executed, with plenty of great lines that absolutely reek of quality. “Satan lives in that bottle and he sparks the blush in those little rose cheeks” and “Slowly building comfort in your pain and in vain I tried to take, take, take” are but a few. To further complement this, the vocalist delivers the lines in a manner befitting a bar drunk, spitting his distaste at himself and his circumstances. The pushed clean vocals have a rich timbre which also lends a certain pained quality to the lyrics, an atmosphere that really seals the deal for me. It all adds up to a very convincing melange of dynamically varied intensity, all delivered with a sheen of quality that is a pleasure to listen to.

The rhythm section also comes up trumps, delivering a capable pulse behind the emotional melodies which sink their hooks into you throughout the track. I especially enjoyed the triplet feel change at 2:10 as well. It flows exceptionally well into the outro section, and wraps up what really is a stellar track, one of the best examples of the genre I’ve heard come out of the local scene.

In summary, this track is an absolute winner. Very competent musicianship, backing up some really strong songwriting and topped off with great lyrics. I’m mildly annoyed that there was no Grim Fandango or Indiana Jones references to be found, but I was totally okay with having it on repeat for a solid hour or so while I wrote this review.

Vocals: 9/10
Lyrics: 9/10
Guitar: 8.5/10
Bass: 7.5/10
Percussion: 8.5/10
Songwriting: 8.5/10
Production: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment: 9/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 8.5/10

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Song Review: Grim Indiana – ‘Youth On Repeat’
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