Song Review: Funeral For Free – “Inception of Deception”

Song Review: Funeral For Free – “Inception of Deception”

Song review: Inception of Deception
Band: Funeral for Free
Location: Toggenburg, Switzerland
Genre: Deathcore
Reviewer: Permabaked

Well from the get-go, this song got my attention, but not necessarily for all of the right reasons. Coming away from this after listening to it a number of times, I feel both mildly impressed, but kind of disappointed as well. Let’s get into it.

After listening to “Inception of Deception” a few times, I realised that I actually really liked the structure it has. It has a nice range of sections and riffs, despite the fact that about half of the song is taken up by breakdowns. Seriously, this song has about as many breakdowns as Courtney Love. Most of the breakdowns were pretty average, though there was one that I actually enjoyed quite a lot, the one at around the 1:56 mark, mainly because the whole tempo changes, and the way that it’s executed fits the song really well. The actual rhythm in it is pretty damn groovy, as well. That particular breakdown almost had a progressive vibe to it, and I really got into it. It makes a nice change to the song, and I believe that it would have suffered quite a bit without it. There was one other part that I particularly liked fairly early in the song, at about 0:25. The drums play a beat that is completely different from anything else in the song, it becomes this cool little offbeat section and changes the whole feel of the song, if only for roughly fifteen seconds. Overall, the song structure is definitely my favourite thing about this song. It doesn’t get too repetitive and has some pretty cool and unique sections, which is a huge bonus for this song, as the rest of the song doesn’t stand up so well.

The instrumentation throughout this song is, for the most part, pretty basic. There’s just not a large amount of intricate or complex riffs, outside of a few parts. I feel that for a deathcore song, there should have been some more interesting parts to keep the song a little more engaging. The guitars have a mix of faster sections and heavy, chugging breakdown riffs, although there is quite a bit more of the latter, which is a bit of a shame, as everything was played tightly, and it would have been cool to see some more fast sections in the song. After listening intensely, I’m pretty confident that there’s no bass at all in this song, and if there is, I really can’t hear it all all. Either way, in a lot of parts, there is a distinct lack of depth as a result. The drums played a range of beats that range from more interesting parts, such as the parts that I’ve mentioned above, and some more basic beats that lay down the rhythm in a solid fashion. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with them, but they are programmed, and sound average at best, but they sound awful when they play faster sections. The sound is so unnatural, and while some people may not have a problem with it, for me, being a drummer, it really sticks out and leaves me disappointed. The vocals failed to appeal to me in the slightest. Listening to it, the technique sounds quite amateur, particularly in the higher vocal range, and could be greatly improved for future work. I did really like that the vocalist has made an effort to use a variety of different vocal styles, though, by using the spoken words in the chorus. While I didn’t find them particularly amazing, I definitely appreciate the attempt at more vocal diversity, rather than just gutturals and high screams. All in all, I found the instrumentation to be average, particularly for the genre, and feel that there is definite room for improvement in the future.

There has obviously been a fair amount of time and effort put into the production of this song, however I found that everything is mushed together a bit too much, which makes the intricacies and finer details of the music hard to decipher. Nothing really sounds as natural as it could have either, and the lack of depth in some sections is a bit of a let down. The production quality isn’t terrible, and I’m able to listen to it without wanting to shoot myself, but I feel that there are a lot of things that could have been done better, and would have greatly contributed to a better listening experience.

This song is, unfortunately, average at best. There may be some people that end up really enjoying the song, but I can’t imagine that many people will be blown away by it. Personally, aside from the structure, hardly anything in this song grabbed my interest enough to make me want to listen to it any more than I had to in order to write this review. This, coupled with the sub-par production and vocals, adds up to a song that you should give a few minutes of your time, but probably won’t regret missing out on.

Vocals: 4/10
Lyrics: I haven’t a fucking clue/10
Guitars: 6.5/10
Bass: I don’t think there is one/10
Drums: 5/10
Songwriting: 8/10
Production: 4/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 4/10

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