Song Review: Edelweiss – “Withering Heights”

Song Review: Edelweiss – “Withering Heights”

Song review: Withering Heights
Band: Edelweiss
Location: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Release: 06 August 2013
Genre: Experimental/Math Rock
Reviewer: The Astr0naut

An essence of beauty succumbed me as I pressed play and became entranced by sounds that held me at such ease, I felt like I could have been laying on clouds. Edelweiss, a band who coins the term of Wunder Rock, is most definitely wondrous with their idea of musical intricacy.

Just within the first fifteen seconds, I knew that this song was going to be something special. The instrumental introduction, which is about forty seconds long, gives a great indie feel to what exactly listeners are about to experience. The guitars, which each hold a great tone, keep a floaty sensation that almost includes a feeling as to laying down in a tranquil field of peacefulness. To focus on one guitar at a time though, the lead guitar is quite smooth. Its semi-psychedelic tendencies leave it with a severe sound that pierces the ear drums with serenity. The bass is groovy and is heard through the whole song, and honestly stands out just as much as the lead.

To be quite honest, the vocals are not my favorite thing in the world, but they work very well for this genre. Without being too somber and boring, they can deliver a soft punch where a low tone can still hit hard. The vocals are heard at a pace where they keep the song flowing nicely, but are more in the background compared to both guitars.

Edelweiss also, from what I can understand, is much more based on the actual instrumental than on a vocal talent. For this song, the vocals make much more of an impact lyrically, where many other bands of the same genre do not focus on such a thing.

With all of the elements that Edelweiss has to offer, they hold of sense of true originality. Through their tunes, I can see this band going very far with not only their music, but with their passion through creativity and pure art. They are definitely a band to keep your eyes peeled for and a huge force to reckon with as the years pass, for this is a band that shows exactly what the experimental rock scene has needed since the fall of The Mars Volta.

Vocals: 6.5/10
Guitars: 10/10
Bass: 10/10
Drums: 7/10
Production: 10/10
Lyrics: 10/10
Songwriting: 10/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 8.5/10

Song Review: Edelweiss – “Withering Heights”
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