Song Review: Dethrone The King – “Chaos Reigns”

Song Review: Dethrone The King – “Chaos Reigns”

Song: Chaos Reigns
Band/Artist: Dethrone the King
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Date of Release: 30th October 2014
Genre: Metalcore Deathcore
Reviewer: Eurak Hunt (follow me @EurakHunt)
For Fans Of: As I Lay Dying riffs and bro0tz cHug2
Why They Aren’t Famous: Too much time spent writing their own material and not enough time ripping Jared Dines’ videos from YouTube on to their Facebook page.

If Dethrone the King are forecasting Chaos Reigns, then I hope you’ve brought your wellies. IPHYB are about to bring the storm…

It’s not often I feel the unrelenting urge to coat myself in an asbestos-based fire retardant, in a vain attempt to protect my will to live from meaningless drivel about fire and brimstone, but for Dethrone The King, I make an exception.

I might well be one of the final people left on this planet who doesn’t cringe when hearing or seeing the word “metalcore”. Now, I’m no expert (nobody here at IPHYB claims to be) but given the lyrical content, the overall sound and feel of the track and a distinct lack of contrasting clean vocals (we call it singing in all other walks of life), I would probably [down]/[up]grade it (delete as applicable) to deathcore. I say that having never listened to any of Dethrone the King’s other music (and refuse to until I receive further payment for my services (I kid, I kid, they haven’t paid me a penny, I’ve just recently moved from Latvia to the UK and the benefits over here are more than enough to keep me from needing a job, I don’t need your filthy foreign money)), I therefore shouldn’t really make a sweeping judgement by assuming they are wrong about their own bands genre…but I have…and they are…

I want to start by making it clear that this song isn’t terrible. Dethrone the King can boast some well played lead lines, there is audible bass guitar, the production is quite good and the structure is legible. As much as dischords make me sigh whenever I hear them abused (and DtK are guilty of this) it nostalgically takes me back to a time when the world was a far simpler place. The glory days of MySpace, big hair, Bebo fame and MSN messenger. Sometimes you need that with all the “#swag”, ” #dench” and “#hustler”-ing going on these days. The production isn’t perfect, but it does make me confident that there isn’t too much studio trickery going on here. Throughout the song you can hear that the vocalist is trying to mix it up here and there with higher and lower pitched screams, they all sit around the mid-range varying only slightly in tone, this is a major gripe for some people, but for me, I let it slide. There is definitely potential in this band.

The one thing that really got my piss on a rolling boil is the lyric video. Honestly, I feel blessed that I only suffer from a mild case of light-sensitive diarrhoea, because I can safely say, I have never seen such shameless use of flare (lens or otherwise) since watching the 1977 Travolta classic, Saturday Night Fever. Although this isn’t necessarily the bands fault, they gave it the go ahead in an exchange I can only assume went a little something like this:

(NB. In this instance VD doesn’t stand for venereal disease although, upon closer inspection, the lens flare does look remarkably like a translucent layer of chlamydia-infused urine has been smeared over the top of the video)

VD: Here you go guys, let me know what you think
DTK: That’s awesome man, thanks a lot!
VD: Those ARE the lyrics right?
DTK: Yeah….why…?
VD: Oh….haha…errrr no reason! OK! That’ll be 150 bucks please!

And it is for this exchange that I exonerate the video designer from all responsibility and blame the band entirely. Not only are lyric videos just glorified, overpriced PowerPoint presentations, they also put a focus on the lyrics (clue is in there somewhere) – thus, if your lyrics are one dimensional, generic and meaningless, it really does make it difficult to ignore.

On the contrary, the lyrics are one dimensional, generic and meaningless. Had I been watching a music video, it may have distracted me slightly from just how mundane the lyrics really are, but as they were paraded around in front of my eyes with the subtlety of a fart in a bathtub, I cannot help but scrutinize them. I’m not even going to go through what I hate about the lyrics because I know they are bad, the vocalist knows they are bad and the band don’t really care as long as it doesn’t get in the way of them playing breakdowns.

Before I wrap things up I must give a special mention to the drummer. I am aware that not every band has the luxury of recording live drums, at least not to the standard you can get all the other instrumentation to on the budget of an unsigned band. Relying on overproduced samples has become the norm, but either way, the drums were well written on this track and if they can be performed well live, more power to you.

Things you think you got away with but didn’t…

  • Turning into A Day To Remember from 2:31-2:45
  • The first minute of the song being so painfully skippable
  • Submitting your song to I Probably Hate Your Band
  • To briefly conclude, there appears to be enough talent and potential in the band to write a decent song, “Chaos Reigns” unfortunately isn’t. It lacks the necessary attention to detail and depth that needs to be consistently delivered in order to stand out in such an over-saturated market. I would be very interested to hear what Dethrone the King come up with in the future when they have really found themselves.

    I went on a journey to find myself once, turns out he was a cunt as well.

    Peace x

    Vocals: 5/10
    Guitars: 6/10
    Bass: 5/10
    Drums: 7/10
    Production: 6/10
    Lyrics: 1/10
    Songwriting: 4/10
    Overall IPHYB Rating: 5/10
    Personal Enjoyment Factor: 4/10

    Song Review: Dethrone The King – “Chaos Reigns”
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