Song Review: Decode – ‘Trigon’

Song Review: Decode – ‘Trigon’

Song review: Trigon
Band: Decode
Location: Birmingham, AL, USA
Date of Release: 29/10/2013
Genre: Metalcore (The call themselves Progressive Metal lol)
Reviewer: Thall

Okay so here I am again grasping another metalcore band from USA classifying themselves as progressive metal. What is this one going to provide me? Texas In July ‘I Am’ phuzzy as phuck production. Underwater djent tones. ‘Omg we can sweep! Lets call ourselves progressive metal’. Yeah nah guys, Decode are metalcore. In fact they will be classified as the ‘better batch’ of metalcore. Don’t be disillusioned by the peloton of generic, shitty metalcore out there in this world. Decode are the good batch…

There are some great aspects I would like to mention first. This is a rare occasion where the old school production works really well for drums, vocals and bass. For the guitars – not so much sadly… In today’s day and age where obtaining an amazing guitar tone is acquirable in desperate measures. There is really no excuse to sound like you are drowning in copious amounts of diarrhoea when playing this.

The key change outro with the smooth as silk sweeps was something also taking this song to the next level. I sense it as a risk take as it still keeps the tonic opens, but dissonance is used to contrast with the sweeps. However it creates a new sense of atmosphere and it works better the more I listen to this track. It takes a while to get used to.

The overall riffage in the guitar does contain the guitar wankery but it is used well. Despite the occasional ‘diddly-doodly’ parts placed randomly in riffs. It works really well and reminds me of powerhouse metalcore bands like August Burns Red, This or The Apocalypse and the aforementioned Texas In July. The overall sound with melodic and rhythmic balance provides the mirage of 0’s being shrouded by excellence in the fretboard. Seriously, there are some tasty riffs that are accompanied by some grandeur chords with even the bass sticking out. Great job.

Finally going back to the sweep outro, the Chuggy-McChugs tempo change provided me an old ABR ‘Messengers’ feel and it made me nostalgia inside. I remember back in 9th grade regretting that time I forgot to put my phone on silent and the Back Burner breakdown was my ringtone and it went off during assembly. The guitars perhaps in a contemporary sense could have sounded more crisp and clean but this old school feel did bring back some memories…

The drums are very traditional metalcore drumming. Kicks follow the chugs, snares are frantically placed everywhere, cymbals keep the pulse. I reckon I should just make a template for metalcore drums. Nothing is new or innovative. Just takes the best aspects of the genre’s repertoire and executes it well. The drums sounded nice and packed quite a punch. However would have liked to have heard more strength in the snare with a higher pitch. Nothing else much to say… does the job.

The vocals reminded me a lot of ERRA. Not in the tone sense, but the vocal patterns and overall composition. The lyrics are very ‘story-telling’ that reminds me of the likes of ‘Seven’ by ERRA. The way that the vocal rhythmic patterns sync with the instrumentation reminds me a lot of Garrison Lee. I am not joking. Being compared to Lee is a compliment I am sure the vocalist should take well. With the overall tone I found it to be that mid-low range that is rather annoying to listen to throughout the whole track.

The vocalist should gain more diversity in his vocal ability and bring in some contrast such as a higher range of screams. At least this guy doesn’t have pleb yells. He keeps it ballsy throughout the whole track. There’s also a great Jake Luhrs ripoff talking section too. Finally would like to congratulate the vocalist for knowing the ‘Shut the fuck up’ technique and knowing when to let the music shine. Kudos.

Trigon was a song that took me several listens to finally make my mind up if it was going to be hit or miss. There are aspects that annoyed the absolute shit out of me such as production and the guitar tone but then again that’s why I also loved it too. Oh for fuck sake this is a tough one because the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it. If you enjoy the powerhouses of American Metalcore such as August Burns Red, This or The Apocalypse and Texas In July – then this is a band to consider. With a bigger budget to refine their overall sound, these guys could go further… Time will tell.

Vocals: Screams: 6.5/10 Cleans: N/A
Guitars: 7/10
Bass: 6/10
Drums: 5/10
Production: 3/10
Lyrics: 7/10 – really cool concept.
Songwriting: 8/10 – risky but effective.
Overall IPHYB Rating: 6.5/10

Song Review: Decode – ‘Trigon’
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