Song Review: Deceptionist – “Immurement”

Song Review: Deceptionist – “Immurement”

Song review: Immurement
Band: Deceptionist
Location: St Louis, Missouri
Date of Release: 10th December 2013
Genre: Deathcore
Reviewer: Erised

We seem to get a lot of submissions where I’m really super excited about the music itself but then I get let down when the vocalist comes into the picture, which is exactly how I felt about this band.

The intro is quite frankly gorgeous, and that immediately had me very keen to hear the rest of the song, as opposed to venturing onward with a sense of trepidation. The heavy chugs we’ve come to expect from the *insert what ever variety of Prog/Djent/Deathcore etc. you want to call this* bands we get sent in, and they are broken up nicely with some very clever timing shifts. One of the things that endears me most to this type of music is that even when you’ve heard the song a bunch of times you still feel like you’re listening to something new each time because of the complexity factor.

That’s about where I hit the wall though… I’m sorry, but i’m really not a fan of the vocalist. He seems really one-dimensional, which when the rest of the band is so obviously gifted is kind of underwhelming. The vocals are also mixed pretty low, which in my opinion is a bit of a blessing in this band. I’d actually prefer this in instrumental form to be totally honest.

Outside of the vocalist though, the rest of the song is very well put together. It’s heavy, but interspersed with some absolutely gorgeous lead phrases that really cut through and add colour to the song. The lead playing in general is pretty jaw-dropping, plenty of impressive tapped runs and smooth legato technique giving it a really fluid feel that is very appealing.

I did feel that the song was a bit long, clocking in at 6:30, but not like “holy shit, I’ve been down here for 25 minutes, is this bitch ever going to cum” long. More like “check remaining time on video at 5:30 thinking it’s surely got to end soon” long.

Vocals: 6.5/10
Guitars: 9/10
Bass: 8.5/10
Drums: 9/10
Production: 8/10
Lyrics: 7/10
Songwriting: 8/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7.5/10

Song Review: Deceptionist – “Immurement”
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