Song Review – “Collider” by Skyon

Song Review – “Collider” by Skyon

Song review: Collider
Band: Skyon
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date of Release: May 14th, 2014
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Reviewer: CrispyChicken

Post-hardcore is really blowing up these days. It’s replaced electronicore as the main staple of the “scene” community (something I bring up in an upcoming article), and now it’s the main force driving independent music sales today. Sidney’s Skyon aren’t a particularly unique entry in the genre, nor are they a particularly interesting one. They’re actually quite sleep inducing, really.

The vocalist sounds an awful lot like Oli Sykes, and indeed a lot of the song is reminiscent of new era Bring Me The Horizon, but the overall atmosphere reflects that of a Saosin song. None of that is in any way a bad framework for making quality music, but Skyon doesn’t really have any hooks to pull you in. You need riffs and/or choruses, and this tune has neither. In fact, I’m pretty sure listening to this erased another song from my memory. Like, negative catchy is what I’m trying to get across here. This might just be the dark matter of post hardcore songs.

What it does have is some stellar production values: the video is inspired by that fucking tearjerker Dead Island trailer from a while back, and is genuinely interesting to watch. And the production is fairly top notch. The echoing guitars at the beginning are goddamn hypnotic to listen to, and the track does a good job of keeping that atmosphere even into the screaming verses. The song structure is completely solid; it’s just not populated with anything worth listening to, or that you haven’t already heard done much better in half a zillion other post-hardcore songs.  It’s completely unnecessary, and the lyrics are so generic and banal that it’s almost laughable.

There are too many bands like this. Standing on the threshold of being something listenable/great, but letting themselves fall prey to simply putting form over substance. I’d take a poorly organized song full of memorable moments over a structured one full of nothing any day, and I’d wager that most of you readers would too. I’ve seen bands pull themselves out of this area before, so I’d cautiously say that Skyon is off to a good start. They know how to write songs. Now they just need to give people a reason to listen to them.

Vocals –
Screams: 6/10
Cleans 6/10
Guitars: 5/10
Bass: 5/10
Drums: 5/10
Production: 8/10
Lyrics: 3/10
Songwriting: 3/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 6/10


Song Review – “Collider” by Skyon
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