Song Review: Carlos Danger – “But, Isn’t Betty A Woman’s Name?”

Song Review: Carlos Danger – “But, Isn’t Betty A Woman’s Name?”

Song review: “But, Isn’t Betty A Woman’s Name?”
Band: Carlos Danger
Location: Not Given
Date of Release: 15/11/2013
Genre: Acoustic
Reviewer: DeadParrot

There is something slightly charming about Carlos Danger’s track “But, Isn’t Betty A Woman’s Name?”. Even though the overall composition is a little light on the imaginative side. I expected yet another douchey attempt at making bitches wet when I saw the genre listed as Acoustic. You know, the kind where a guy who only knows two chords, Am & Em, cries in various vague statements and cliche’s (Next person I hear sing “Pray For Rain” Is getting their address listed on a site where pedophile’s share information and hot tips). Instead what I hear is an aggressively delivered, and clearly DIY, punk song with a decent amount of atmosphere and texture.

‘m gonna be honest right now and say that I didn’t want to do this review. I have a date tonight and listening to some guy with less likes on Facebook than my dead grandmother sing about his head doesn’t exactly fit into my idea of preparation. Personal life aside, my first thoughts on this were honestly ‘yawn’. One of my all time worst pet peeves (under terrible lyric crimes of course) is a vocal melody that follows the music underneath it. It shits me to tears because its lazy and renders the vocal line pointless. Carlos Danger does this, and its noticeable, but somehow he makes it enjoyable too. His delivery is so filled with attitude and oopmh that I forgot to hate what he was doing. Which is a skill most of the genericore bands we hear completely lack.

The strumming in this adds a lot to the overall feeling of the song. You hear every attack on the strings and its that sound that helps move the song forward. It’s incredibly percussive. Speaking of which…

I know this is an acoustic song, but there were a few points where I found myself getting amped for the drums and bass to come in. It could only serve to enhance the track if there was an almost Violent Fems like snare and bass to fill out some of the air.

The production on this is clearly DIY. But it works. There is a very raw feeling that we get from this style of production and it works in the tracks favour. If he were to go and pay thousands of dollars for a sparkly shiny recording, then that would just totally strip the track of any ambience and texture.

I’m glad I got to hear this today.

Vocals: 7/10
Guitars: 8/10
Production: 8/10
Lyrics: 6/10
Songwriting: 6/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10

Song Review: Carlos Danger – “But, Isn’t Betty A Woman’s Name?”
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