Song review: Bury Us, Bury Us! – “Lost Connections”

Song review: Bury Us, Bury Us! – “Lost Connections”

Song review: “Lost Connections”
Band: Bury Us, Bury Us!
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Date of Release: 20/03/2014
Genre: Risecore
Reviewer: Thrillhouse

Have you ever pressed ‘play’ on a song and just instantly known what you’re in for, and just how much you’re going to hate it?
I just experienced that feeling x100, because listening to this obvious bunch of Asking Alexandria fans brought me right back to 2008, when I used to straighten my hair, say “OMG ILY xD” to my friends on MySpace, and force my self to endure shitty metalcore/electronica music like this in order to get with slutty scene girls.
With a band name hailing from ’08, boring crunkcore-esque vocals, and fringes that are probably an inch long for every year these guys have been alive (I’m guessing around 14), ‘Bury Us, Bury Us!’ sure do have a knack for reminding me that there was a time period with worse music than the ’80s.

Now, let’s start off with the vocals:
WAY TOO MUCH ROOM REVERB GOING, GUYS! It sounds like these vox were recorded in someone’s 500 square-metre, high-ceilinged bathroom or some shit.
Aside from that, the vocals are actually kind of decent, they’re just done in an extremely overdone style that every song Rise Records band did back in the day.
How many mid to high range screams can you cram into a song? The answer is as many as this kid did in 3 minutes and 42 seconds.
Also, dat utterly RIDICULOUS clean ‘build up’ part at 2:22

Guitars (also bass, because it’s essentially just doing the same shit anyway) can be summed up with:
Chug… Chug chugachug…. Chug… Chug chugachug, chug chugachug.
Also, terrible Line 6 Spider II tones.
Please guys; if you want to make music and be a band that makes music people actually enjoy, stop with this fucking 0-0-0-0-0 ‘the whole song is a breakdown’ bullshit.
Why even have guitars in your music if they do absolutely nothing but act as another percussion instrument?
To get da chix, of course.

There’s more China programmed in this than there is on
Double kicks that do exactly what the guitar does, and boring, overly reverb-treated snare.
Pick up your game, drummer.

Sorry, maybe I just can’t hear you properly from all the way back in grade 9.
Hang on, I’ll flip my fringe to the other side, it’s covering me ears… Nope. Didn’t help, you’re still shit.

So tl;dr:
Look guys, fair enough if this style of music is what you love. I get that just because I hate it, doesn’t mean you don’t love it, but at least put some more effort in, and make an effort to improve upon all these things I’ve pointed out…
Here’s a list: Band name straight out of ’08, Techno metalcore should stay dead and these guys got into this shitty scene trend like 6 years too late, really bad room reverb on the boring, crunkcore vocals, the mix is a mess, guitars are basically just shitty 0-0-0-0 chugs with shitty tones, clean part at 2:25 is just ridiculous, sounds like a rejected B-side Asking Alexandria song.
The actual structure and core song itself isn’t too horrible it’s just been buried under miles and miles of $c3n3c0r3 and mediocre musicianship, this band would be so much better if they stopped trying to relive the emo and scene glory days.

Vocals: Screams: (5/10) Cleans: (2/10)
Guitars: (3/10)
Bass: (2/10)
Drums: (5/10)
Production: (4/10)
Lyrics: (5/10)
Songwriting: (5/10)
Overall IPHYB Rating: (4/10)


Song review: Bury Us, Bury Us! – “Lost Connections”
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