Song Review: Blind Oracle – “Extinction Rate”

Song Review: Blind Oracle – “Extinction Rate”

Band: Blind Oracle
Song: Extinction Rate
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Date of Release: 14/10/2015
Reviewer: Bree em Punk
For Fans Of: Dysphoria, The Red Shore

First of all, I want to start off by dismissing the phrase ‘first impressions last.’ This song is one of the rare occurrences which disproves this popular saying, although of course there are other instances of this phenomenon.

Take for example if you will, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Santino Marella. In his debut, he mysteriously appeared from the crowd to gain a pinfall victory over the late Umaga to capture his first WWE gold. I was hooked – like an over-sized Mickey Mouse with a funny accent, he stole my heart, otherwise referred to as the ‘Brass Ring’.

However, the Milan Miracle would be short lived, in the way that a fart is funny until it wafts into your nose. After dropping the title, Santino was then haunted by many poorly played out comedic acts which failed to catch my attention, the worst of all being ‘Santina Marella‘.

In much the same way, I was blown away at the beginning of Extinction Rate. The guitar work is exactly what I love to hear in my deathcore. The vocal patterning only complimented this intense style of playing, but around the 1:20 mark the sweeps began to feel very obnoxious and forced. The transitions aren’t great either. I froth he band Dysphoria – not just for their riffs, but for their ability to transition in and out of complex lead sections, and this is where I feel Blind Oracle fell short. I love the direction that they’re heading in, but I feel that the execution just wasn’t there on this occasion. The drums were decent, but were mainly dominated by the guitar work.That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the song as a whole, just that the first thirty seconds had the euphoric delight of the Milan Miracle, but it rapidly devolved into Santina Marella.

This is normally the part I’d do what I do best and pick apart the lyrics and vocals, but I simply can’t in this case. They’re very middle of the road when compared to other deathcore, in that they incorporate a lot overly specific violence for no apparent reason, which ultimately feels devoid of emotion. Not terrible, but nothing overly inspiring – they’re kind of simply ‘present’ and don’t contribute to the song in any particular way. The vocals are exactly what you’d expect from this genre, heavy as all hell – but nothing really new. The vocal mix was slightly muddy, so perhaps a more refined production would allow for any nuance in the vocal lines lost to the mix to flourish. In saying that, the vocals for me are the most consistent aspect of Extinction Rate, they work very well with the rest of the music. If the riffage is Santino, then the vocals are Carlito.

Vocals: 7/10
Lyrics: 6/10
Guitar: 8/10
Bass: what bass?/10
Percussion: 7/10
Songwriting: 6/10
Production: 6/10
Personal Enjoyment: 8/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10

Song Review: Blind Oracle – “Extinction Rate”
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