Song Review: AMIKO – “Coming Home”

Song Review: AMIKO – “Coming Home”

Song review: Coming Home 
Location: Preston, New South Wales 
Date of Release: 5/8/14 
Genre: Indie 
Reviewer: Hades

So this band, AMIKO, is from Australia and made by some young kids. I know they’re inexperienced in some aspects but fuck, the song comes together in the end in a way I didn’t expect. When I heard the first few bars I went, ‘Oh shit, here comes an indie cross avant-garde Radiohead knockoff in kid form.’ The song kind of drones along and you expect it (and desperately want it) to fade out within the first minute into something else but it just endures. Eventually the male vocals change notes from it’s almost monotonous tone to an interesting tune supported by female vocals which made me believe this song was going to progress. To the band’s credit, the lyrics do mention feeling empty, which could explain the unpleasant drone that accompanies the introduction. The drums sound hesitant, almost as if the drummer was confused whether they were meant to come in that early in the song, or maybe to hurry the intro along. It’s at the 1:58 mark in the track that the song finally becomes interesting when it picks up into a melodic song.

The explosion of sound makes you think twice about this band’s compositional skills, but probably doesn’t change the fact you expected it to be an all-asian band from the name. Not racist, just saying what you all thought when you first read the band name. I personally think that the minute of monotony needs to be shorter as I would have not continued listening to it if I wasn’t reviewing it, whereas if I heard the second section sooner I would have listened to the whole song since I really dig almost everything past the two minute mark. The song has about four distinct sections and the drummer loves using his bright cymbals. It suits the guitarwork and the drums on the whole are played fairly solidly, but that cannot be said of the guitar progressions. The layering of notes over the rhythm section don’t always match up or keep time perfectly, hence the initial expectation of some avant-garde project. The bass underpins the guitar nicely enough but doesn’t add to the song in any way other than rounding it out.

The lyrics when the song ‘restarts’ in the bridge/verse/ section they threw in around 2:40 are a bit cringe-worthy and clichéd but when the band bursts back into the song again it was worth the second guessing I had. The third section that ensues the ‘cringe-worthiness’ is brilliant and really showcases the vocalist’s abilities and the melody is emotive, something everyone obviously values in song compositions, even though the backing falsetto melody is mixed a bit high.

The song does pick up in both quality and decibels from the dragging start to the end and I truly believe this track would be much enjoyable to wider audiences and could be given decent airplay if the track is remixed and recorded in a professional studio with a shorter introduction, one that is possibly one quarter of the current time. The end half of the track is standout and I would support this track if it was just that section. In saying this, I have listened to this track about 6 times now and the intro has grown on me. Not a lot, but just enough for me to not mind waiting through it for the second section. They are under 18 after all, the experience they will gain in the coming years will shape them and their music all the more.

Vocals – Male: 8/10 Female: 8/10 
Guitars: 7/10 
Bass: 5/10 
Drums: 7/10 
Production: 5/10 
Lyrics: 6/10 
Songwriting: 7.5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5.5/10 
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 5/10

Song Review: AMIKO – “Coming Home”
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