Song: Navy Blue – “Alice”

Song: Navy Blue – “Alice”

Song: Alice
Band: Navy Blue
Location: Bendigo, Victoria
Date of Release: 25/6/15
Genre: Alternative Rock
Reviewer: Erised (abuse me on twitter @Giaccattack)
For Fans Of: Navel Gazing, Introspection
Why they aren’t famous: Because Air Force Red is more popular at the minute

“In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”  ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
How appropriate. When I first received the submission for this song, I was not particularly keen to listen to it. I had already heard another song by these lads, but songs named “Girl’s Name” tend to be pretty vacuous and interminable, so I will admit that I was somewhat reticent to hit the play button. What I discovered once I did, however, was quite the opposite. I found a song that would suck me in, envelop me in its disquiet, and weave a web of ennui and uncertainty so pervasive that I couldn’t shake the feeling for quite some time after. In an interesting twist on the original, I followed our protagonist into the rabbit hole, joining his quest for the ethereal ”Alice”. I followed, never once anticipating, or even considering, that I would be inexorably dragged down into the pit along with him.

It’s a curious thing, this song. Ostensibly, there isn’t all that much happening. There is no bombast, no show-stopper, no jaw-dropping display of technicality. There is, however, one all-important thing. Tension and release. This song is one four-and-a-half-minute exercise in how to utilise atmosphere, vocal tone, dynamics and space and wrap it all up into one convenient package that will deliver precisely what it aims to. “Alice” gives no false promises. There is no bravado, only substance. Curiouser, and curiouser…

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”.

Our protagonist is indecisive. He isn’t sure whether he’s found his “Alice”, isn’t sure whether he can trust his own judgement, nor if his perception of reality is even “real”. He is simultaneously the pursuer and the trailed. He is the embodiment of the duality of a tenuous relationship in it’s early stages, still under the influence of the heady rush that is infatuation. He is plagued by the vagaries of his own imagination, and his emotive, sustained vocal lines attest to this. You can hear the self-doubt in his quavering voice, as he comes to the realisation that the only thing that will validate his yearning is the answer to the question. The problem is, of course, that the answer is unobtainable, and redundant. “Is this all you’ve got to give?” A rhetoric plea; begging to be put out his misery, despite him knowing full-well that it’s his own imagination holding him emotionally captive.

Sadly for our protagonist, this is where his path, and that of the eponymous Alice, diverge. There will be no awakening from a fantastical dream, to the comfort of a loved one’s embrace on some dew-tipped riverbank in the growing dusk. He will never feel the uneasy truce between confusion and relief, having come-to from his otherworldly flight of fancy and circumstance. You see, our hero is doomed. He has been preserved in a time and place that will never progress; a limbo of indecisive, unrequited intent. As we are deserted by the last strains of his ode to emotional clarity, the lasting memory will not be one of fulfillment, nor closure. Our man is a victim of his own folly; his mind deceives him. He is cursed to forever repeat himself, vainly beating tired arms against the current, dragged inevitably back into the tide. If only … if only he could just go back, before he’d met her. Before the connection was forged, forever embedding her insidious tendrils into his psyche. But alas, he cannot go back. He can’t go back to yesterday, he was a different person then…

Vocals: 9/10
Guitars: 8/10
Bass: 7/10
Drums: 8/10
Production: 8/10
Lyrics: 9/10
Songwriting: 9/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 8.5/10
Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

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Song: Navy Blue – “Alice”
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