Song Review: Godfrey Turner Overdrive – “Vultures”

Song Review: Godfrey Turner Overdrive – “Vultures”

Song: Vultures
Band/Artist: Godfrey Turner Overdrive 

Location: Orange, NSW, Australia
Date of Release: December 2014
Genre: Punk/Post Rock
Reviewer: SoulDoubt
For Fans Of: Rise Against, Foo Fighters & Smith Street Band
Why They Aren’t Famous: Contrasting sections that don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Vultures, in essence is quite an interesting track, and if it wasn’t for putrid stench of pretension, I’d be singing Godfrey Turner Overdrive’s praises, but with a name like that I had an inkling, I should prepare myself for one of two dynamics.
A)The self indulgent song writing, that comes with being a musician who believes he can play every instrument in the band, better than the musician filling that role, or does in fact play every instrument in the band.
B) The dynamic which I unfortunately see far too often, the Music university students who are being “oh so hip” and are “musically breaking bad” and creating a product that seems edgy, but realistically is a bout as edgy as that 5 Seconds Of Summer dickhead wearing a Misfits shirt to the ARIA’s, I mean even if you’re pissing blood, it still don’t make your dick an artery.
Now, I don’t know which or any of these boxes GTO fill, but their music does contain elements of a pompous diatribe. Maybe it stems from the fact they have label themselves with more “Post-genre” tags than actual genre’s. Also can someone explain to me what the fuck Post-Office is please? Is it some form of Pro Steve Carrell versus Ricky Gervais reference… Oh maybe its music inspired by that quaint “The Office” TV theme song?

Musically, this is an adequate foray into the use of ambiance in punk, I concede, despite the inherent convolution, attempting to fuse immediate and cathartic with grandiose and atmospheric. The riffs when they punch, do hit with force and when the ambiance strikes, it does lighten and expand the musical palate, but it does a half arsed job of both. Vultures is neither cathartic nor grandiose enough, it is this watered down middle ground. I enjoy their Vocalist, he has what I could only describe as Dave Grohl and Lemmy inspired gruffness in the chorus. The guitars find a nice middle ground between abrasive and melodic, the drums are there, doing nothing of note to my ears, I cant here the bass at all. This track has a lot of great promise, however it doesn’t deliver, rather it offers excuses and uses double talk to dance around the question…

Vocals – 

Guitars: 6/10

Bass: 4/10
Drums: 5/10
Production: 6/10

Lyrics: None Supplied/10
Songwriting: 5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5.5/10

Song Review: Godfrey Turner Overdrive – “Vultures”
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