Song Review: Set The Record – “My Life Story”

Song Review: Set The Record – “My Life Story”

Song review: “My Life Story”
Band: Set The Record
Location: Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia
Date of Release: No idea
Genre: Pop-punk
Reviewer: CrispyChicken

Let me set the record straight – Your life story is about sucking dick.

Wait, do I seriously have to write more? The band sets their lyric video to a montage of pictures carefully selected to show off just how pop punk they are. Look guys, your name is “Set The Record”, and your song is called “My Life Story” It doesn’t take a fucking scientist to figure out you’re pop punk and therefore probably do a lot of pop punk things like pizza and video games. I know it’s supposed to fit the song, but making the lyrics actually readable on the screen is paramount to any sort of concept you want for a video.

The lyrics themselves are a cringeworthy metaphor for life taking place as a movie or some shit – until about the 2/4 mark, at which point they become meaningless drivel that sounds like it was copy pasted from “How to Write Pop Punk for Dummies”. The vocalist himself has potential, if would take those fucking nerf darts out of his goddamn nose and sing like an actual person. The part with the pointless key change at the end is the worst example – he sounds like he has the flu or some shit.

The other instruments aren’t bad, but what they’re playing is just boring stuff that’s already been done a zillion times in the genre. Pop punk is really hard to do right nowadays – if you’re just gonna follow a simple chord progression and not throw in any hooks, you have to have interesting stuff around it. If you don’t have any interesting stuff around it, you have to have hooks. If you don’t do either of these things, you end up sounding like a fucking terrible version of everything that’s already out there.

There’s potential here. The vocalist can improve. Everyone already pretty much knows how to play your instruments. But fuck guys. Use it to write something interesting.

Vocals: 6/10
Guitars: 6/10
Bass: 6/10
Drums: 6/10
Production: 5/10
Lyrics: 5/10
Songwriting: 4/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 5/10

[PLEASE NOTE: Shortly after this review went up, Set the Record took down this song from all of their streaming sites. This is the only incarnation of ‘My Life Story’ left]

Song Review: Set The Record – “My Life Story”
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