Album Review: We Set Signals – “Polaris”

Album Review: We Set Signals – “Polaris”

Album: Polaris
Band: We Set Signals
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Release Date: 10/2014
Genre: Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore
Reviewer: HaytonLloyd23

Thank you, Lachlan. Thank you.

For the past two weeks I’ve been been jamming to this wonderful slice of pop-punk known as Polaris. Easily my favorite pop-punk release of 2014 (Four Year Strong aside), the guys in We Set Signals have crafted a fun, catchy, and surprisingly heartfelt pop-punk album. When I say “surprisingly heartfelt”, I mean that with most pop-punk albums I feel like the bands are merely going through the motions; you can tell that we set signals are extremely passionate when it comes to writing this style of music. Equal parts A Day to Remember and Four Year Strong with a dash of electronical influence from early Chunk, No Captain Chunk! = some good fucking music.

Now that I’ve gotten my mandatory exposition/fanboy-ing out of the way, let’s get right into the music, shall we? “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” starts the album off with some beautiful vocals from vocalist Nick Wilkinson singing about proving someone wrong and the general pessimism that shrouds the subject. Sure, the lyrics and topics that he sings about aren’t anything original, but he sings so passionately that you are practically forced to pay him the attention that he deserves. Oh and did I mention he screams too? That aren’t half bad either. Of course with screams come the heavier side of the group’s instrumentation. This dark side is at its finest with “See You in Hell Dan Bilzerian”, a heavy hitter that I’m sure gets the crowd moving when played at shows.

Behind the wonderful vocals, we have a perfectly capable set of musicians who fill in the pictures Wilkinson left on this musical canvas known as Polaris. Guitarists James Bolin and Mark Braithwaite create some incredibly catchy and intricate riffs, while drummer Corey Benn adds his own special flair to the otherwise solid fills and kick patterns. Providing the rumble from down under (get it, they’re from Australia? FUCKING GET IT???) we have Lachlan Gray, who –

Wait, copyright infringement issues? FUCK YOUR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

*Due to copyright infringement, this review has been placed on hold until the author has finished serving his sentence in federal prison*

Sorry about that, something about Periphery and copyright and fifteen years in prison…I don’t know, by the way, you wouldn’t mind if I stayed with you for a little bit would you? I have to lay low from some people for awhile. Anyway, back to the review. If you couldn’t tell already, I adore this band and I love this fucking album. It’s consistently catchy, heavy when it needs to be, and never dives too far into the over the top sound that it could have easily turned into at any moment. In short, give these guys a few dollars, buy their album, and follow them closely; these lads are soon to become a force to be reckoned with.

“I heard the words that I had waited for years to ever hear you say. You pulled me right up and you dusted me off and now were here side by side right where I want to be”

Vocals: Cleans: 9/10 Screams: 8.5/10
Guitars: 8/10
Bass: Introduced me to this wonderful band/10 (read: 7.5)
Drums: 8.5/10
Lyrics: 7/10
Production: 8.5/10
Songwriting: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment: 10/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 8.5/10

Album Review: We Set Signals – “Polaris”
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