Drop Everything, There’s A New Gorod Song

Drop Everything, There’s A New Gorod Song
You there, with the overbite and not-so-fresh haircut. Yes, that’s right, YOU! Stop whatever the fuck it is that you are doing and listen to the new Gorod song! What’s that? You don’t like Death Metal? I don’t care, listen to it anyway. I promise you you’ll be seeing these guys on a fuckton of Album Of The Year lists, so you may as well get aquainted.

In addition to this single, Gorod are releasing an entire new album full of probable instant classics via Unique Leader Records/Listenable Records (North America/Europe respectively) on 16th October, titled A Maze Of Recycled Creeds. It will be the French quintet’s fifth full-length studio album and the first to feature the talents of Karol Diers on drums.

Listen to Temple to the Art God below, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Hell, make an uber-elitist Disqus profile and tell us how naive we are. Whatever floats your boat.

Drop Everything, There’s A New Gorod Song
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Chris Giacca

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  • Thall

    New vocals are refreshing af.

  • Viper

    I actually put down my crack pipe to listen to this. Dayummmmm

  • Keeeeeen