Song Review: The Hazard Circular – ‘Fractured Formality’

Song Review: The Hazard Circular – ‘Fractured Formality’

Song review: Fractured Formality
Band: The Hazard Circular
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date of Release: 16/02/14
Genre: Metal
Reviewer: Thall

The Hazard Circular are a band that are from a barely untouched area in Australia. However a city that we rarely ever cover – Melbourne. It’s really funny, as an Australian based reviewer you can focus on the #PerthBeef or all the Queensland/New South Wales bands that get a schlacking on here. It’s fun. However Melbourne flies under the radar – simply because they have solid and consistent bands and well no one cares about the positive vibes on here. Will The Hazard Circular share the same status and overall score as Victorian IPHYB powerhouses Who Invited The Wolf? and Eodipus Rex? Lets find out.

After a few listens before placing an overall judgement of the song there is only one way to put it: A watered-down instrumentation of The Faceless’ ‘Planetary Duality’ with European-esque Metalcore vocals. The virtuosic aspect is obviously not in the same technical level as seen in the likes of iconic album however the songwriting structure is well-admirable and flowing. It works well and captivated me to listen throughout the song.

The guitars utilise the grand chords implemented at the start with third-inversions and semitone slides that cause a dark and gloomy atmosphere at the exposition of the song. This isn’t a total chug fest at all with swift and string-skipping riffage that is diversely used being rung-out or palm-muted. The lead guitar tone is definitely my favourite standout for me and the solo which is very Michael Keene inspired. It is the use of the vibrato on each lengthened note singing and bringing melodic grace upon my ears. Gets me every damn time and is stuck in my head.

I feel like there could have been more harmonies between the guitars to provide a stronger panning substance besides resorting to the dissonance notes being used in unison. There were moments at the end of a riff or passage where the guitars would break away from mono-tonal correspondence but I feel like there could have been more at repeated passages of riffs. Overall the guitar was strongly composed and the diversity found in the heavy chuggings towards the end, the soaring leads and multi-string riffage all came together to manifest a crucial part for ‘Fractured Formality’.

When I think of metal drumming I think of blast beats, fast double-kick pedals, cymbal obliteration… it’s all good and all to go frantic but this drummer compliments well to the song by simply being a team player. This song to me as mentioned before is meant to be dark and gloomy atmosphere – not dark and doomy. There’s the darkness where you know it’s there and it makes you shit your pants straight up. Then there’s the darkness where you don’t know it’s there and you don’t know whether to shit your pants or not and you are left with fragments of your own faeces ‘prairie-dogging’ out of your asshole. This song fits with the latter part. The drums help a lot because of this. The drums are mysterious with a diverse use of cymbals and scattered snares and fills. The double kick pedal doesn’t have to go at AK-47 speed, it provides even more punch due to the spacing between each kick. Sounds great so far… it could have even been better improved.

I feel like the choice of beats being too straight-forward at chugging bits could have been spiced up with cymbal displacement and accentuated syncopation. Just because the guitars tone it down doesn’t mean that the drums have to also. That’s your time to shine. However that’s what separates the best from the rest. I feel the creativity could have been stronger but to contrast this song is not a percussive-orientated song and it is a team effort with the band. I have no problems at all with the playing but it sure as hell didn’t make me fall out of my seat.

Thank the IPHYB Gods for giving us a bass player that doesn’t just stick to the tonic the whole time. It’s great to actually hear the bassist play notes that are in no correlation with the fucking guitars – sometimes. That’s progress though. Seriously at the start of my life doing reviews here I used to get astro-djent galacticore bands that would supply me songs with no bass. It’s good to get a song like this with the bassist being a contender with the guitars.

The vocals had a presence of mid range with screams reminding me early Gojira placed in a mixer with the timbre that you’d find in Meshuggah and Uneven Structure. The rhythmic patterns reminded me of As Blood Runs Black with the mouthed pronunciation and projection found in the vocalist. I found it to be ballsy as for the music and definitely made the song very powerful. However a stronger range with more crushing lows and piercing highs was needed and would have been beneficiary for the palm-muted chugging somewhat near-slam section without the pulsating double kicks. The vocalist thankfully knew when to shut up and let the solo and leads stick out and started each phrase song and consistent until the end. Shame I received no vocals… I’d like to know what this song is about.

The production was very clear to distinguish the high and low ends of the aspectual parts of the song to be unified into a solid piece of music. The vocals balanced well with the instrumentation to provide an extra packed punch and the guitars and bass both were independently represented. The drums sounded great with the cymbals being individualised and being able to distinguish each note being played. Definitely a big kudos to whoever did this. I loved it.

The Hazard Circular provided a song that was balanced between factors that saw progressive metal being reached to brutal slamming death metal also being in the stirring pot. Due to this diversity I found the song easy to listen to but hard to distinguish the direction. There were parts where I just wanted to close my eyes and go for a ride in my mind but all of a sudden it would reach parts where I’d want to lose my shit. It was too quick to sap in what was going on between parts. I think if you are going to write a song where it has so much going on in 4 minutes… it needs more breathing space in between transitions. This was a let down for me personally in the song-writing department but nutting down phrase by phrase. There is true potential for The Hazard Circular to provide a strong release in the future.

Vocals –
Screams: 7/10
Cleans N/A
Guitars: 7.5/10
Bass: 7/10
Drums: 6.5/10
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: N/A – Lyrics pls
Songwriting: 5.5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 7/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 5/10 – On paper after reading this it looks great and I have to be fair and say ‘yeah these guys did great.’ I however wouldn’t complain if someone put this on for a listen and for a live scenario I most definitely would bang along… There’s other bands out there who’d get a listening priority before these guys.

Song Review: The Hazard Circular – ‘Fractured Formality’
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