Song Review: Glass Mind – “Inside the Whale”

Song Review: Glass Mind – “Inside the Whale”

Song: “Inside the Whale”
Band: Glass Mind
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Date of Release: July 4, 2014
Genre: Progressive Metal
Reviewer: Tucker’s Law

What’s the matter with you, Tucker’s Law? Just go over there and say what’s on your mind.
I don’t know… I haven’t reviewed anything in like, FOREVER…
That’s bullshit, man. It’s just a song. You’ve done this so many times before.
But this is different. I REALLY like this song.
Look at yourself. You’re a mess. You’ve been holed up in your room for weeks now writing that stupid novel-
-It’s not a novel…
That stupid whatever – I take you out, meet a nice song, and you’re just going to stand there and do nothing?
It’s a really nice song. I really like the way it makes eight-and-a-half minutes just fly by.
Don’t tell ME that. Tell THEM that!
What if they don’t like like me? They’ve probably already got a better review… I’m going home.
If you don’t go over there and start talking, I’m going to kick your arse so hard, the back of your tongue will have a double knot around it.
OKAY, okay… I’m going over there.
Just be cool, dude.
What is their name?
Glass Mind.
Okay… here it goes.

Glass Mind. I love you.

Godfuckingdammit, TL.

Okay, so I’m back after a self-imposed hiatus, (read: creative differences) ((with myself)) and what better way to be welcomed back to the fold than with this breathtaking musical accomplishment? I know I might’ve come across a little strong in the intro there, but it’s hard to overstate how gosh-darned good inside this song made me feel.

“Inside the Whale” by Mexico City’s Glass Mind is an eight-and-a-half minute progressive metal instrumental that doesn’t FEEL “progressive” or even overly “metal”. Now, this might sound slanderous but believe me, I mean that in all of the best possible ways. The way the song moves and flows through its different sections from start to finish never feel strained for ideas, or conversely, too “show-off”y. Both things I’ve come to expect as staples of the genre. Simply put, “Inside the Whale” is just a really good composition that knows exactly how long to ride out certain parts and when to hit its peak and use its hooks for smile-inducing payoffs.

Now when I say it doesn’t FEEL overly “metal”, sure, it’s got Plenty O’Double-Kick and his cousin “Chuggy McChugg-Chugg” and more than its fair share of lead break facemelters, but the tone and execution of it all is so well controlled, none of it ever comes across as overwhelming or ass-kicking. I simply sat there, grinning stupidly and subtly nodding my head, rather than throwing up the horns and praying for longer hair.

I’m not going to do an instrument-by-instrument breakdown of the song, but just take it from me that everything in here is talent of the highest degree. It’s easy for instrumentals to lose people’s attention, (or worse, check their watches) but I experienced none of this. It’s breezy, it’s classy and expert without being cheesy. Preferring to keep to the light and feathery end of the spectrum, as opposed to the more downbeat, gloomier side of prog-metal.

And when that main hook comes in, it’s heavier than a gang of Samoans.

I think that’s enough cobwebs shaken off for now. It’s a solid recommendation from me.


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Vocals: NA
Guitars: 10/10
Bass: 9/10
Drums: 9/10
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: NA
Songwriting: 9/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 9/10
Enjoyment Factor: 10/10

Song Review: Glass Mind – “Inside the Whale”
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