Song Review – From Afar: “A Metaphor”

Song Review – From Afar: “A Metaphor”

Song: A Metaphor
Band: From Afar
Rzeszów, Poland
March 9, 2014
Metal Alternatywny
Tucker’s Law

In this week’s review, I’ve decided to try something new and venture into the hazardous wasteland of long-lost song submissions. My mission was simple: Descend into the murky depths of the IPHYB crap-mines, petrified canary in tow, and scavenge through the forgotten and condemned relics until brushing off the cobwebs from whatever rare gem I can find, like some kind of musical Indiana Jones.

As soon as I began navigating this decaying tomb, I knew it wasn’t a job for the faint-hearted. The thick stench of rotten guitar riffs long-since passed the point of freshness was all around me, suffocating my senses. Breakdowns had begun to break-down, decomposing into their base 1’s and 0’s. There was no detectable levels of bass guitar at all; it’s as if nature had reclaimed it, erasing it from existence. And it turns out, even processed drums have an expiry date. I was afraid, terrified I was on a fool’s quest. In the endless, deathly gloom of metallic blackness and blackened death metal, I felt my self-confidence giving way to insanity, and at one point, considered eating my canary.

But all was not lost. In this crypt of the damned, my attention was drawn from afar to a mysterious label written in a bizarre, unfamiliar text. It simply read, “Metal Alternatywny: Rzeszów”. Had I stumbled across some form of ancient Lovecraftian beast, begging me to unleash its unspeakable horrors onto an unsuspecting civilization? I would later go on to find out that no, it’s just Polish, and I need to get out more.

Regardless, I’d gone where few before me had dared, and lived to write about it.

But that’s enough of my highfalutin hyperbole and ham-fisted metaphors, because now I present to you music from afar with From Afar, from Poland, with A Metaphor. (Their metaphor, not mine. Apologies, this sentence really got away from me. I think that canary made me ill.) And I’m happy to say I think this song is an absolute corker!

In fact, I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been giving this track a damn good thrashing in my own free time. Don’t go listening to it expecting your world to change; it’s not that it’s anything revolutionary, it just happens to hit all the right sweet-spots for me. It takes its cues from the circa 2002 days of Alt-Metal but instead of overcompensating in stylised angst and sonic gimmickry, it plays it straight with a modern sensibility. While it doesn’t rely on the big, signature guitar hooks that saturated the genre in its day, it delivers us the thick, slamming power chords, functional and identifiable bass, the unfussy, yet solid-as-a-rock drumming and top notch vocal work from the same cloth as say, White Pony era Deftones or Karnivool’s Persona EP. It’s a brand of music that either works for you, or it doesn’t. And for this guy, it totally does. The lyrics have that minimalist, Gothic romance style of being vague, yet colored-in. It’s straightforward in execution, but sophisticated.

And that chorus, though. Fucking earworm material if ever I heard it.

A Metaphor comes with a solid recommendation from me, not least of all because it just makes me happy that songs of this style are not only still being made today, but being made well. (In Poland, at least.)

Vocals: Cleans 9/10 Screams 9/10
Guitars: 9/10
Bass: 7.5/10
Drums: 9/10
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: 8.5/10
Songwriting: 9/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 9/10 

Song Review – From Afar: “A Metaphor”
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