Live Review: Helloween @ Capitol (Perth, WA 20-10-2015)

Live Review: Helloween @ Capitol (Perth, WA 20-10-2015)
German power metal gods, Helloween, have never before graced the western shores of Australia and while they have a die-hard fan base you could not expect a show on a Tuesday night in Perth to be a big one. It’s an often stated sentiment, but it certainly did not hold true in this case.

Capitol, one of Perth’s larger venues sits on Murray Street close to the James Squire Brewery and a bunch of small bars and cafés. The venue is a crowd favourite, being a little smaller than the two Metros venues (Perth and Fremantle) but generally puts on a far better show for fans of aggressive genres. Anyway, the point is that it was a Tuesday night and there was a long line out the front of the venue, and that told me right away that this was going to be a good night.

Opening the show were Perth locals Silent Night, who have just finished up a tour that saw them playing shows in Bali (Indonesia) and on the East Coast of Australia. A member of the band would go on to state that vocalist Jesse Onur Oz had lost his voice over the course of the tour, but if this was the case, it absolutely didn’t hold their sound back – if this is his voice in bad shape he must be a fucking superstar when he is 100%. The band’s set was spectacular – furious guitar solos and soaring vocals all set to huge metal anthems. The band pulled off a great cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown, before closing their set with Power Metal Supreme, off their new album Command and Conquer.

While the fans waited for Helloween to take the stage fans near-emptied out the merch table. Helloween t-shirts were all gone, and other items were disappearing fast – which is a great thing, buying merch keeps these bands in the business. Fuck all the haters who say you need to own an album, buy a shirt and support bands so they can make more albums.

Helloween took to the stage to the screams and cheers of adoring fans, and they wasted no time in setting the tone. They jumped straight into their 1988 classic Eagle Fly Free, and dare I say it – it was superbly better than the original (let the hate mail commence here!). Vocalist Andi Deris might just be the best vocalist I’ve ever seen, and that’s a huge call. It was none-more-apparent than during My God Given Right, off their latest album of the same name. Deris repeatedly beckoning the crowd to sing along with the melody and shout out the words on command. Over and over again they went through bridge until Deris was satisfied with the crowd’s response. And while it’s a slightly cliché move from the rock ‘n’ roll playbook, I don’t believe anyone in the crowd was able to hold back from singing along. Deris is absolutely captivating in his role – a purebred rock star, mesmerising the entire audience.

As great as Deris is, and as great as every member of this band is, guitarist Sascha Gerstner might just be the most enthralling member of the band. To say Gerstner has presence is one thing, but the fact that he near dominates a stage of metal gods proves that he is on a different level altogether. When playing his leads Gerstner makes it look easier than a 15-year-old girl sending a tweet. His dexterity is incredible, often playing riffs with one hand as he joked with bassist, Markus Grosskopf and engaging the crowd, singling out fans and throwing his guitar pick at them (I could say, without exaggeration that he would have gone through twenty or thirty picks over the night).

The band played through about 8 songs before leaving the stage while drummer Daniel Löble performed a drum solo. They returned to play Rain Grows, followed by Lost in America, which Deris proclaimed was based on a true story. Deris also spoke of growing up in Germany, that people told him to give up on his dreams of becoming a musician that he should go to university. He used this as a segue for jumping into Russian Roulette and proving to the crowd, that following your dreams is not only important but possible.

Helloween have been around for about 30 years, and time has not hurt them at all. This is one the best live performances I’ve ever seen, and I can’t imagine that any fan was disappointed with the show they put on. Let’s hope that they hit our shores again real soon.

Set List:
Eagle Fly Free
Dr Stein
My God Given Right
Steel Tormentor
Mr Torture
Waiting for the Thunder
Straight Out of Hell
*drum solo*
Where the Rain Grows
Lost In America
Russian Roulette
If I Could Fly
Are You Metal
*guitar solo*
Future World
I Want Out

*99% sure that’s right guys, feel free to send me any corrections*

Live Review: Helloween @ Capitol (Perth, WA 20-10-2015)
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