EP Review: Polaris – ‘The Guilt And The Grief’

EP Review: Polaris – ‘The Guilt And The Grief’

Band: Polaris
EP: The Guilt And The Grief
Genre: Metalcore
Location: Sydney, NSW
Date of Release: 29/01/2016
Reviewer: Harvey Danger
For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction, Architects, Veil of Maya

Track listing

1. Regress 3:29
2. L’AppelnDu Vide 03:14
3. Unfamiliar 04:06
4. Voiceless 03:54
5. No Rest 04:15
6. Hold You Under (Feat. Marcus Bridge) 04:31

Sydney metalcore lads POLARIS have returned in a blaze of hype and glory with The Guilt & The Grief, their first release since 2013’s Dichotomy. Opener ‘Regress’ is tempered with glaring tech influences, brutal screams, and singalongs throughout. Although ‘L’Appel Du Vide’ and ‘Unfamiliar’ showcase obvious The Amity Affliction influences, this reviewer is happy to note that somehow Polaris have managed to avoid following the Amity formula in making every song sound exactly the fucking same.

‘Voiceless’ begins with a guitar-riff which sounds as though it belongs in a mid-2000s motocross game, before moving into WWE entrance song territory when the rest of the band joins in. What’s most notable about this track is that during the bridge, you’re finally able to hear the bass stand out for the first time on the whole EP, though, sadly, it’s an all too brief appearance.

‘No Rest’ somehow manages to follow the old songwriting-adage of “soft verse, loud chorus” to a tee, something not often seen in this genre, with the harmonised guitar work during the outro making for a delightful treat. The EP’s closer, ‘Hold You Under’, which features Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge is an absolute banger, with the vocal interplay between Bridge, vocalist Jamie Hails, and bassist Jake Steinhauser showcasing the band’s maturity as songwriters.

The Guilt & The Grief is a perfect storm of melody, aggression, and most importantly, quality, with Polaris having taken their previous blueprint and improved upon it in every aspect. Coupled with Sonny Truelove’s immaculate production, the wonderful songwriting delivers us, quite simply, one of the most promising EPs from an independent band in years.

Vocals: 10/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Guitar: 9/10
Bass: 710
Percussion: 9.5/10
Songwriting: 10/10
Production: 8/10
Personal Enjoyment: 10/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 9.2/10

EP Review: Polaris – ‘The Guilt And The Grief’
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  • Viper

    Sick band, Rick has a decent head.