Song Review: Tesla Coil – “Confines”

Song Review: Tesla Coil – “Confines”

Song review: Confines
Band: Tesla Coil
Location: Brisbane, AU
Date of Release: Dunno
Genre: Alternative Rock (As listed)
Reviewer: Johnny Rocker Truant

I thought I was about to get sold an iPhone when this started. Is that a genre? iPhone Advert Rock? Either way this is some boring as hell Alternative Rock (Alternative to good I think.) You might like this if you were really boring and wore sneakers with jeans. Or you’re Hank Hill.

Vocals are boring, there are virtually no dynamics to the song, only occurring when the main chorus vocal gets turned up. No heart in it, big lack of “feels.” Lyrics are bland. Get into your music or no one else will.

Guitars jump in and out of the mix. Sometimes they are not welcome, other times they are also not welcome. Bass is far too loud and sounds bad. “Oh man you can hear my shitty bass tone really well in the mix” congratulations, you ruined the song specifically. Horns are a nice touch I suppose, they can be the highlight of the song if I have to choose.

Drums are ‘vintage’ sounding. By that I mean the recording technique sounds very old. Mixing drums is hard for some people, especially ones that record this type of music. I find this song very dull and repetitive, especially everything after the first verse.

Oh my god I need a drink.

Vocals: 2/10
Guitars: 2/10
Bass: 210
Drums: 2/10
Production: 2/10
Lyrics: 2/10
Songwriting: 2/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 2/10.
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 1 Johnny Truant listened to the whole song out of five.

Song Review: Tesla Coil – “Confines”
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