Song Review: Dear Seattle – “You Won’t Feel A Thing”

Song Review: Dear Seattle – “You Won’t Feel A  Thing”

Song  “You Won’t Feel A Thing (Because this song has been written before)”
Band: Dear Seattle
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date of Release: Apr 28, 2014
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Reviewer: DeadParrot

Let’s see what we have here. Rolling snare intro? Check.

Slow 6/8 beat that morphs into yet another 6/8, but then changes up into a 6/8 beat? Check.

Arpeggio on one guitar and single strums on the other? Check.

Sombre minor scale vocal melody consisting of mainly three notes? Check. (Well done. You’ve successfully out-written the Pianos Become The Teeth vocalist by a whole note. Good job!)

More Build-ups than Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, the entire series of Days Of Our Lives and my dick after four years of involuntary celibacy combined? Check

So many cries about pain, the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay had a whip ’round and got the lead singer some chocolates? Check.

Guitar leads swimming in an ocean of reverb and delay so deep you think that Thrillhouse’s dick is reading you poetry? Check.

So much abuse of Tension and Release that the entire BDSM community want their shtick back? Check.

Cover art consists of a serif typeface, a script typeface (that looks suspiciously like the oasis’ Definitely Maybe) and a pic that would get completely ignored on instagram? Check.

Music posted by FaithLoveHope, which means you sound exactly like his last upload? CHECK!

Hmmm, yes. It’s as I suspected. Yet another carbon copy Post-Hardcore band taking all of the cues from that one good Brand New album and every post-rock release ever. It’s not all bad though. I did actually enjoy this.

Everything is very familiar. From the songwriting and riff / arpeggios down to the production and mix. It all has that middle of the road post-hardcore sound. This genre is so saturated with carbon-copies that it’s genuinely hard to tell each outfit apart. We at IPHYB always poke fun at all of the Northlane rip-offs out there, but It seems to me that post-hardcore has at least twice as many bands doing exactly the same things in their music. Expand your listening horizons people. That’s the only way you are ever gonna be ahead of the crowd instead of behind it.

So for a quick breakdown of this track I will talk briefly about each instrument / part:

Aside from the rolling snare intro, the drummer plays some nice beats which elevate each section quite well. They underline the dynamics of the song without being too over powered.

The bass is there. Doing its bass thing. Not poking its head too far out from behind the guitars to annoy / interest you. The tone suits well for this wsort of music, but as ive mentioned before, there is nothing ground breaking.

Guitars are possibly the worst culprits of stock standard playing here. None of the riffs or chord progressions are memorable. They follow the same beaten track set out by their genre.

The vocalist’s voice is something you’ll either dig or hate. Whilst not anywhere near as polarizing as Jordan Dreyer, the timidly weak start might put you off. However stick with it, because he pulls out some very decent screams and melodic performance later in the song. I enjoyed the Vocalist on this thing more than anything else.

The production feels like someone read a ‘how to record and mix Post-Hardcore tracks for dummies’ and followed each instruction to the letter. Whilst each part sits nicely, is cleanly tracked and has a decent amount of presence in the mix, it lacks a certain wow factor. The track sounds fine, it’s just not jaw-droppingly engulfing. Kinda like watching the two-hundredth replay of the exact same sports highlight.

These boys have some talent and I give them credit for managing to engage me with their music. It’s just lacking in the ‘groundbreaking’ department.

Vocals – Screams: 8/10 Cleans: 8/10
Guitars: 6/10
Bass: 5/10
Drums: 7/10
Production: 5/10
Lyrics: 5/10
Songwriting: 5/10
Overall IPHYB Rating: 6/10
Personal Enjoyment Factor: 7/10

Song Review: Dear Seattle – “You Won’t Feel A Thing”
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